Our minds can be drunken monkeys, flitting from one thought to the next. When you are trying to concentrate on something but notice you are drifting off to think about something else, use this technique to learn to stay focused. It will also help your thought process to become quiet, so that your train of thinking slows and focuses. You can stop the world, step outside of time and space, and yet remain fully aware in the now moment.

Time for Exercise: five to 15 minutes

Properties Required: none


  1. Catch your mind wandering off-topic.
  2. Stop and name the process, for example: “I just realized that I am thinking about something completely different from what I want to be focusing my attention on.”
  3. Ask the questions: “How did I get from my original topic to this one? What was the bridge that enabled my thought to jump off-track to this completely different topic?”
  4. Trace your thoughts backwards, from the last thought you had when you caught yourself being off-topic, and follow the thought track back to your original focus of attention. You will notice that one image or idea was like another. Your mind switched onto that other track without your awareness and certainly without your conscious permission.

Meditation Example:

I am sitting comfortably trying to be still in body and mind. I notice that I am thinking about buying a new car. Where did the image of a red convertible come from? I call on my short-term memory and work backwards through the thoughts that preceded that image: “It is time to start thinking about getting a new car. I remember the mileage on my car is getting high. I get an image of my car. The horn reminds me of the sound of my horn. I hear a horn honk.”


This simple process will enable you to quickly catch your train of thought whenever it jumps off track. Eventually your thought stays on track more and more. When it does wander, after you’ve practiced this technique for a while, you will not need to do the thought backtracking process, just jump back to where you want to be.

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