What if you were told a power within you exists that can treat disease, reduce stress, regulate physiological functions, create psychological wellness, and much more? Would you use this power? Unfortunately, individuals do use this power – unconsciously. Often defined as “worry” the unconscious use of this power creates exactly what is “NOT” wanted. The self-fulfilling prophesy of doom. “I knew this was going to happen.”

Now, imagine if this power were used with conscious intent. The deliberate use of this power to create exactly what “IS” wanted. The good news is this power to create is accessible to anyone. With the proper training and practice individuals can become skilled and proficient at using the power of the mind to consciously create.

Our moods or emotions (energy in motion) reflect the thoughts (conscious & subconscious) which create our lives. In the popular movie & book “The Secret” they describe part of this process, however, neglect to mention the subconscious blocks that often conflict with one’s deepest desires. The key in actually using the mind to consciously create (bring into matter) one’s desires is to unlock repressed emotions, memories or sabotaging beliefs & transform this energy while accessing both the subconscious & conscious mind. This can be done several ways such as using hypnosis, guided imagery, or energy psychology. All of these techniques are designed to integrate both the conscious & subconscious mind. Thus, by reactivating & healing the flow of emotional energy, or internal conflict one has repressed, one can release any physical &/or emotional blockages that may exist.

As a psychotherapist, I have found that the creation of an energetic bridge between the conscious & the subconscious mind is necessary for clients to access the source of this power to co-create. Over time self-defeating & self-sabotaging patterns or beliefs can create energetic blocks, or internal conflicts, which can often lead to illness and/or dis-ease. As humans we store our emotions & memories on an energetic level. Often these are inaccessible to our conscious minds, and can consist of dysfunctional beliefs & traumatic memories from past experiences. This is why for some people affirmations & “talk” therapy can only go so far before hitting an “energetic block.” Thus, no matter how motivated an individual may be, an impasse (block) occurs.

Our thoughts are energetically charged. Therefore, to promote healing & consciously co-create a desirable life, one must re-establish communication between the conscious mind & the subconscious mind to correct these dysfunctional patterns. This is much like pressing a reset button, or rewiring a circuit, to create a new (functional) energy flow between the conscious & subconscious mind; thus co-create the life desired.

There is ample evidence indicating the importance of this method of somatic (physical) experience for accessing & healing deep trauma, as well as reversing erroneous beliefs at an energetic level. This principle operates at the cellular level of the body, which is where memories & emotions are actually stored, rather than just the brain. In order to retrieve & reframe dysfunctional imprints at this level, one must follow the same path back to the state in which the dysfunction occurred. In the popular film “What the bleep…” Candace Pert & others briefly describe this method of storing information at a cellular level, as well as the importance of reframing information for lasting change. When we look deeply at an energetic level, we look into the depth of our souls; it is here that healing occurs & resonates throughout our entire energetic system.

Although, hypnotherapy & energy psychology requires professional assistance, guided imagery can also assist one in accessing & releasing dysfunctional energetic patterns & can be easily learned. This is the conscious use of your mind to create what you want, to retrain & correct any dysfunction. Many people assume they must be able to visualize or see images before guided imagery will work. This is an incorrect assumption. While engaging all of ones sense’s (visual, kinesthetic, auditory, etc.) if possible, is recommended when doing an imagery exercise, in the beginning not everyone can “visualize.” Some individuals are more kinesthetic or auditory in the way they use their imaginations. The way one imagines, especially in the beginning is not as important as is the conscious creation of the image desired. At times I have suggested the creation & use of a vision board to assist in the visualization & manifestation process.

The following are also some suggestions for getting started with your own guided imagery exercise:
Decide what task you want to work on. Make sure you have in mind the steps to achieve your goal. For example, prepare a script of your own, or use someone else’s, which will address the situation you want to work on. As clearly as you can, imagine each step you must take to achieve your goal. When creating a script remember to invite in (if possible) the use of all your senses (kinesthetic, auditory, etc.) not just visual images. The more personal the script the better, so don’t be afraid to create. You may want to slowly read it into a recorder so you can listen to it. Allow yourself time and pace your voice when recording your script. This will help guide you during the process.

If healing from a physical problem is your goal, make sure you understand your disease as much as possible. Try to understand all your healing resources, and the way any treatment you are taking works to assist you in the recovery process. For example, if you are receiving chemotherapy for cancer you might imagine the chemo going right to the site of the cancer.

Remember to allow time for the following induction process and include this when you are recording your script.

Find a comfortable place to begin. Minimize any disruptions (i.e. turn cell phone off, etc.) and ask other’s to honor this time to be alone. Use some kind of relaxation induction method which will help to quiet your mind & soothe your body. For example, classical or meditation music can be helpful, however, avoid any music with lyrics – they tend to be too distracting. You might count down from 10 to 1 or repeat a word to assist you with your induction. Now begin to concentrate on your breathing, slowing it down, and breath by extending your abdomen fully to make room for your lungs to expand. Make sure you exhale completely & slowly. Do this for approximately 10-15 minutes & include this as part of your recording. Now begin listening to the script you have decided upon. Finish the exercise by imagining yourself totally and completely successful.

This whole process should take no more than 25-30 minutes. You should be able to receive the full physiological and psychological benefit within this time frame.

Also, I have created a guided meditation CD to assist others in "Releasing & Transforming Burden" which can be purchased at: http://cdbaby.com/cd/sherryobrian or at: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0026SGANU

In my practice I use guided imagery, hypnotherapy & energy psychology to assist individuals with fighting cancer, reducing the side-effects of treatment, managing pain, and reducing stress. In addition, I have assisted individuals in creating the job, partner, and life they desired; all with the deliberate use of the power of their mind. The power of ones mind & imagination can be astonishing. I invite you to deliberately use your power to co-create the life you want today.

Now, IMAGINE a world where everyone consciously co-created – a peaceful & awaken world!

Author's Bio: 

Sherry O’Brian, LCSW, is the sole proprietor of Mind/Body/Spirit Inner-grations & specializes in personal growth & transformation; as well as working with those suffering from chronic illness, grief/loss & other emotional disorders. She also facilitates support groups for cancer patients and their family members; facilitates retreats for The Peaceful Woman; as well as develops seminars & workshops on mind/body/spirit healing as an independent contractor for several professional organizations.

She has integrated Energy Psychology into her life both professionally & personally. As a motivational speaker & psychotherapist workshops focus on mind/body/spirit healing & personal growth. Sharing innovative often cutting edge techniques to inspire, motivate & empower individuals. She is a Reiki Master & Ordained minister & assists others in reconnecting with their Divine Essence. Sherry has written several articles on energy-based psychotherapy, hypnotherapy & guided imagery. She has developed a meditation CD “Release & Transform Burden: a meditation to awaken the healing light within” to assist others in releasing emotional pain & transform their lives.

Sherry has over thirteen years experience in the oncology field, as well as seventeen years within the field of mental health. She is certified in Comprehensive Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psych-K™, Subtle Energy Therapy, Bereavement Counseling, & Guided Imagery.