Your Attitude and How to Overcome Yourself

This article will have many things you have heard before, and maybe some you have not.

First, YOU are your own worst enemy.

Somewhere along the line you took on, bought into, and started to believe in a very underhanded way that money and wealth was something that will forever be out of reach. About now you are going to be saying “This guy is completely MAD! Of course I want money and wealth”.

Hear me out. I’m not mad, and I help people realize this and many other burdens that the carry every day of their life and how to change them. Just maybe, from my perspective, you may benefit as well. Well, at least your wallet should. Look on the bright side, my clients pay allot of money to find out what I am about to reveal to you FOR FREE!

Simply, there are 2 sides of your brain / mind -- the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious mind deals with everyday life and everything that occurs in it. On the other hand our subconscious mind is a fantastic storehouse of information and also stores our likes and dislikes, our beliefs and our dis-beliefs. These are the things that ‘control’ how we think, feel, act, and react to things – including money and wealth.

You can say to yourselves all day long that you want money and wealth, but if you don’t take care of correcting the subconscious, you will be very frustrated person. Your subconscious will undermine and sabotage every good effort you put forward to gain money and wealth. The worst part is that you won’t consciously know what’s happening. You just scratch your head and keep doing what you were doing before.

Where did your destructive beliefs come from? From when you were young, you had people around you that told you things and instructed you in the ways of the world. Some of the things they told you, and that you took on as your own, are untrue. I’ll give you some examples of these types of sayings, with a brief commentary on each.

Money is the root of all evil
Is this true? Don’t you think that actions speak loader than words? It’s NOT if you have money, it’s what you do with it. What are your actions with your wealth? What will you achieve?

Money corrupts
I would say it is more likely that the LACK of money is going to cause allot more corruption than having money. Look at what is happening at the local gasoline station lately – people that have never thought to do a criminal act are ‘ripping off’ gasoline. AMAZING!

The harder you work, the further you get
Here’s a good one! (Barrel-laugh) The ditch-digger is a hard worker and will be digging ditches till the cows come home. The only ‘further’ he will get is getting more ditches dug. Is hard work going to get you ahead – not necessarily. People that are wealthy may have gotten there with hard work, but the key is to ‘WORK SMART’.

Successful people DO what unsuccessful people WON’T DO
THIS IS TRUE So many people simply give up because it’s too hard. Many VERY wealthy people started their journey with nothing. Are YOU ready to think like, act like and be wealthy, including all of life’s’ ups and downs, or are you just going to sit there dreaming, and criticizing others for having a go at doing great things?

Success is gauged on how much you have given up
Another TRUTH. How much are you willing to give up to get to where YOU SAY you want to be? Would you put EVERYTHING on the line to get there? Or would you rather play it safe. Stay in your comfort zone. Better for you,… and you’re out of my way so that I can make my wealthy way in life.

A penny saved is a penny earned
Not True. Do the math. Unless you are a compulsive gambler, this is not true.

Life is fair
Stop kidding yourself!

Mind To Mind is all about the complex nature of the brain & mind. It’s up to you to make the appropriate changes to craft your own life how you think it should be.

Hint:Start your journey from within. If there is anything that will hold you back or sabotage you along the way, it will be in YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS!

An added insight from Mind To Mind ( Wealth comes in many different forms. Make sure you chose the right one for you.

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Shannon Panzo is the Executive Instructor of Brain Management. Brain Management teaches you a range of mind enhancing techniques, primarily how to tap into and control your own vast potential locked in your subconscious mind. His students/clients discover the way to learn how to learn naturally and the key to unlocking unlimited potential. The key is Mental Photography--your ability to tap into your natural photographic memory you were born with and re-establish that connection.

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