A very dear friend of mine has had a helluva year. Over the past 12 months she has said goodbye to many relatives and close friends who have died been a support to others who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses. In a recent conversation as she was sobbing, she said, “This year has been so difficult and painful. I’m so tired and would love to have a break. At the same time, I am so grateful for all of the gifts that have come from each experience”.

She inspires me.

It takes courage to be in the discomfort and honor the value of the experience. The tendency is to want to get rid of it, repress it, or run away

She knows that within life’s challenges, there are blessings that can be found in each experience, if you are willing to look for AND own the gift. Regardless of whatever is happening in your world, the one power you retain is your viewpoint; how you choose to see the situation. That’s the difference between being a victim of your circumstances or the hero of your life story.

Each night she writes 50 things she’s grateful for including the painful, messy stuff. This year has helped her to become more authentically aligned with who she is and her life purpose. And the Universe had responded by bringing her several lucrative business opportunities, the completion of a new book and so much more. Despite the pain, she says she has never felt more alive and vital.

Ain’t that cool? Imagine being about to feel pain and power at the same time!

Consider a situation in your life that you are avoiding. If you felt courageous to show up and face that experience head on, what are some of the gifts and blessings you might receive? Be willing to be surprised by your answer!

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