Whenever a miracle occurs in our life or the lives of others, it demonstrates that the physical laws that seem to govern us, our beliefs, and what we perceive as real, are not the Truth. Miracles demonstrate that we are governed by a Truth that can heal and move us far beyond our limited beliefs in ways we deeply experience and do not understand. Miracles shatter our belief system and faith in the mind-body-emotion self and the physical world so that we are free to reconnect with our Spirit and wake up from the dream that we are separate from God. Roger Bannister shattered our belief system about the 4-minute mile and within weeks, two other men ran the mile in less than 4 minutes. Miracles shatter our beliefs in all aspects of our physical world. They reopen a gateway so we can begin to remember our power and creative potential as Spirit. We create, through thought, only the dream of a physical world, to learn, to heal, to play and eventually Wake Up to realize we have never lost our true connection with God.

Miracles are constantly available to us. To receive them, however, we must be willing to give up our limited beliefs, the supports and defences we are attached to in the dream of this physical world, ask for help and through faith, surrender all control of the outcome to an unknown, creative and healing Energy we have long ago forgotten. For the vast majority of us who are very frightened to give up our attachments and control, loss experiences, the loss of a relationship, health, job or any support we are strongly attached to, are the only situations painful and powerful enough to shatter our attachment to the beliefs and supports within our physical dream. Many miracle experiences come from loss. Through fear and pain, these experiences press us to look ouside the matrix of our limited beliefs, surrender and through faith, ask for help. They also force us to surrender into the dark and uncharted ocean of emotional fear and pain within our consciousness. Much like Columbus, our ego has told us that if we sail out into this uncharted ocean, we will drown, or fall off the edge and die. Sailing, however, into and through this ocean of our painful emotions, especially into loss and aloneness, known as “suffering our death,” provides us with a sure gateway into the light and peace within us that is known as our Spiritual Body. This light, love and peace, (Spirit) has always been with us, just forgotten for a time under the dark clouds of our attachments, fear and defensiveness. Whenever we are willing to surrender, ask for help and suffer through the pain and fear of our loss, aloneness, helplessness, and deep sadness, we become awakened to a whole NEW WORLD, within our consciousness, a world filled with Peace, Power and a sense of Infinite Oneness. “What the catipillar sees as the end of the world, the Master calls a Butterfly.”(Richard Bach) Here we awaken to the Mind of God within us where an infinite number of Miracles wait to answer our every request.
During these times of loss, of pain and fear, be still and present in the Here and Now. Most fear and emotional pain comes from the illusion of future worry or past thoughts. On every out breath, breathe and give into the physical experience of pain and fear within your body. Very gently, on every out breath as well, say, “Help me.” Take no thought about how and know that what we ask for, we will receive, at the right time and in the right way. Leave that to Spirit. This is one approach that will bring the Miracle of Healing and reconnecting with our God Self, through the loss experience.
Until this kind of situation comes along, we are imprisoned within the finite limits of our thoughts, senses and emotions. Because of this vulnerable and very mortal sense of ourselves, most of our motivations and actions are fear, defence and security based. Most of what we do and how we think comes from a desire to defend ourselves from pain and gain security. Like a “near death experience,” suffering constructively through loss will free us from fear and open our hearts to Love and the feeling of Power and Infinite Oneness deep within. “To suffer ones death and be reborn is not easy.” (Fritz Perls, Founder Of Gestalt Therapy)

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Facilitator: David Ott, M.Ed.
-Trained at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto
-Student and Teacher of “A Course In Miracles”
-Former guest workshop facilitator at
“The Orchard Recovery Centre” on Bowen Island.
-Former Employee Counselling Director, Panorama Resort
Invermere, B.C.
-Former Life Skills Coordinator for the Canadian Military
Addiction Prevention Program in Baden Germany.