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There are numerous books on miracles. Few, if any, capture unique stories of so many ordinary people to create life-changing opportunities in health and wellness.
It is this background of everyday occurrences that makes Best Selling Author, Llyn Wren's collection of factual events an engaging, pleasant read.
As a featured author in Miracles Of Hope And Promise, I understand the tremendous scale needed for such a project, to bring meaning to the "testament of faith" and have it "manifested through Wren's attentive soul work," as noted by Lise Lemay, another contributor to the book.
Wren leads the reader through story prefaces, her way of making every occurrence a moment to be remembered. And for many, it will be key to their awakening - a special "aha" moment.
Miracles Of Hope And Promise is Wren's fourth publication.
Llyn is a Registered Nurse and Energy Medicine Practitioner ( recently launched Miracles Of Hope And Promise at McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

(From A review in The Aquarian written by Lorraine Mignault)

Miracles Of Hope And Promise Reviews:

I had started reading Miracles when I first received it, but did not finish reading it until Friday evening. I must tell you that I am so proud to be a contributor to such a wonderful publication. I appreciate your willingness to open up your life via the stories in this book. None of the stories changed my mind regarding the person I believe you to be, but they provided more insight to the depth of your soul. Not everyone is willing to take that step, but in doing so I think you will be of much hope and inspiration to all people who read your book. Marsha Miller

I bought your book and could not put it down. It’s wonderful! Aline L.

I just finished your book. Those stories are incredible. Dorothy T.

All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! Your book has given me the hope and promises I was looking for. Mary

“I am so happy that Nurse Llyn is telling all these stories. She has been my nurse for over ten years and has helped me know that miracles do happen everyday. People need to know that.”

Michael Labao

“An Angel With A Mission." I've seen the miracles she has done and hope she has given to others like she has to me. Thanks Llyn for being there. You make us see a better world out there.

Joan Gosek

Author's Bio: 

Llyn Wren was born in Dryden, Ontario, Canada and was raised in the Sioux Lookout/Hudson Ontario area. She graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1969 and began her career in the Intensive Care – Cardiac Monitoring Unit in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She held positions as a Head Nurse, Nurse Educator, Health Liaison Coordinator, Director of a Home Care Program, Administrator of an Early Head Start Program and Community Health Nurse to Medically Fragile Children.

Wren left the hospital setting and established an independent practice where she produces educational seminars and provides counseling services. Through these programs thousands of individuals have learned and put into practice their ability to make healthy choices to create the life they desire.

Wren loves to write and has produced numerous papers on alternative health issues as well as children’s books that teach children the importance of self-love and positive attitudes. Fred Penner recorded her children’s song, It’s Great Being Me on his album, What A Day! She has published other children’s books and poetry. One of her poems, Something New, teaches children the importance of not giving up.

Her experience with children with disabilities has led her to begin to write a non-fiction workbook, Looking Outside The Box, for health professionals and families who work with these children. Twice Victorious, her children’s story that was published in the magazine Friends, in January 2003, is based on the life of one of these children.
Her non-fiction workbook, How To Achieve A Fuller Life was published in 2007.

Llyn Wren, R.N., ATTNP, EFTP is the Director of The Academy of Energy Medicine. She is a dynamic Energy Practitioner who has devoted her life assisting others in reconnecting with their true spirit and life purpose. Through her intuitive abilities and energy techniques she helps others identify and clear blocks and patterns, which have been preventing them from fulfilling their life’s purpose.

Wren is a widely sought after and respected Registered Nurse and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Her educational workshops and seminars are largely attended and she is frequently a keynote speaker at large conferences and gatherings. Her knowledge is sought after on a daily basis.

Miracles of Hope And Promise is Wren’s fourth publication. When she is not assisting others to reach their optimum health and wellness she continues to write for adults and children.

Wren has two children, Wendy (Andrew) and John (Lucy), and four grandchildren, Jayson, Theri, Charlotte and Kingsley who are the loves of her life.
Wren currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she has established The Academy of Energy Medicine to continue her work.