Television is a kid’s best friend. Outside seeing the vivid colors and the various TV productions that are made by most kids TV networks, the characters, theme and the setting of most kids TV shows will usually make the difference as far as gaining the interest of children who find entertainment in them practically everyday.

We all know of the popular shows such as Sesame Street, the Mickey Mouse Club and of course the lovable Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes cast. They are classics that are still loved by children to this day. And by this we do mean catering to various ages since some of them were already there even when we ourselves were little tykes and glued to the television set.

There is a new breed of kid’s television shows and allow me to enumerate them and make some short reviews.

1. The Mickey Mouse Playhouse. The kids of today still love Mickey Mouse, the cartoon that Walt Disney made famous. Originally it was the Mickey Mouse Club and some short cartoon films that we all treasure to this day. But the Mickey Mouse Playhouse today is a modern mix of the lovable Mickey Mouse and his companions presented in 3D. Also, the interaction that the show has such as number counting, object identification and association have been emphasized lately, making it a good show to watch for kids up to 8 to 10 years of age.

2. Dora the Explorer. Now this Spanish based cartoon character had its share of rough and tumble seasons since the producers were testing the waters for a new cartoon character that is not only aimed for kid girls but boys as well. The interactive nature it employs such as a talking backpack and finding the right objects in it to use in Dora’s adventures has made it an ideal kid TV show to help brighten the educational nature of most kids today.

3. Wonder Pets. Over the horizon lies a little known TV show that showcases a canary, a turtle and a hamster. The obvious theme is that these 3 animals are the usual pets kids would want to have so why not make them active and be like cartoon characters that educate kids on animals and their habits? While it is really a basic show, it is a good one for kids aged 3 to 5.

4. Blue Clues. Here is another kids TV show that provides activities on the air with the aid of a blue-spotted dog as its main character. With an adult to assist kids, it projects a certain aspect of interactive learning as well ranging from colors to objects. It is really a favorite among kids today.

These are just some of the top-rated shows out in the television shows for kids today. We also see them in novelty and toy stores which were surely placed for better exposure and brand awareness for the characters of these shows. The logic behind it is once the shows properly entice kids and get their interest, chances are they will want stuffed toys or kid items to have as far as these popular kid TV shows are concerned.

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