Moms are intuitive beings.

Guys, it’s really nothing personal, but Moms are the leaders of the pack when it comes to achieving peace and harmony on the home front. Remember when Mom said things like “I’ve got eyes in the back of my head”? Though she may not physically have eyes in the back of her head, Mom has the unique ability to hone in on her sixth sense or gut instinct to know when something is wrong. And like most women’s intuition, she has the keen sense of foresight to know what might be coming around the bend in the near future.

Women unknowingly rely on their “third eye” to see clearly and more efficiently with regards to matters of the heart. Their infallible inner wisdom typically takes over whenever children and other relationships are involved. While there may be a number of reasons why women’s intuition is so high, we certainly can’t rule out the fact that women carry infants in the womb for roughly nine months. It's this innate connection to this

tiny life force that enables women to “feel” or “sense” their babies – and for some women, even at the point of conception.

Women’s intuition is the resilient force that generally keeps family bonds strengthened.

She “knows” when something has happened with her child...often without seeing or hearing about the event. When her spouse has a problem, she’s the first one to ask, “What’s wrong?” It’s not because she’s gotten good at “keeping tabs” on her family – it’s just the way it is. She is so in touch with her higher consciousness that she is able to “read” people; and consequently, better able to deal with crisis as they occur.

But what makes moms so adept at maintaining peace and harmony is the family is her heart strings. Through love and understanding, she intuitively knows just the right words or actions to help her family grow and flourish. Like the gentle gardener tending to his rose bushes, moms prune away the negative and add just enough love and nourishment to accentuate the positive.

The intuitive wisdom of moms is not an accident. She is gifted with this wonderful healing sense to create and keep the peace. And while all people are gifted with intuitive powers, moms frequently use their sense of intuition in proper alignment with the Universal flow of energy. In doing so, moms are emotionally and mentally equipped to deal with the stresses and blessings of day-to-day life…and then some.

Aren’t moms great?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Until we speak again, I am,
Joan Marie, Intuition Girl

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Mom’s Intuition: the Cornerstone to Family Balance
By Joan Marie the Gift, Intuition Girl

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