Do you think that if you have more money you will solve your problems, for if you do you are part of the thinking of many people?

Many people hope to have more money hoping to solve their problems only to realize that they have the money and some of their problems are still around.


If you find yourself blaming your spouse about your money problems and most of your days are spend worrying, this is not helping you and your family to have a bright future.

If you find yourself blaming your spouse for not doing a good job of managing the money you are not solving the problem, you are continuing the problem.

Worrying about money

Men may feel that they work hard and may have difficulties understanding where the money goes and may carry shame knowing that they cannot provide for their family.

Women tend to worry about the family, the children and how to keep the family together.

Creating more debts

The difficulty that you are in did not happen over night, you may have hope with the next raise, the bonus or the return on your taxes that you will pay of the debt only to find yourself in more debt.

You may have bought some thing to make you feel good only to spend your future money you do not have and create more debt.

Working together

You need to realize that you are in this together to get out of this problem, and arguing with each other is not solving the problems it is keeping you both apart.
You both need to join forces, pull up your sleeves and do what it takes to get out of the problem.

Some solutions

There are many solutions and the most important is making sure the family is safe and have a place to stay and food to eat.

You may have to sell your home and downsize to an apartment even if it is not big, just for the time you can start paying off your bills.

You may need to sell your car and take public transportation.

You may need to get two jobs for a time that is not in your field.

Getting rid of your credit cards or use them only for emergency.

Start using cash and when that is gone you do not use you credit cards or debit card.

Cutback on buying your lunches and bring your lunch.

Stop spending money on buying coffee outside and make your own.

Of course coupon saving is also a great way to go.

Things you no longer need

There are thing in your place that you may not use and is lying in some corner in your place, do a garage sale or sell them on eBay.

That exercise machine that you hope one day you will get motivated to do take out the machine out of the box except one day never comes, sell and create more cash.

Conclusion: Money does not solve money problems relationships with a good communication and support system does.

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