Are you your child’s credit card? Does your child beg for money before paying off what he owes you? Inside you’ll find how to stop being a credit card and start teaching your child discipline about money.

How many times have you asked, “Do you think I’m made of money?” only to reach deep in your pocket and surrender your hard earned cash?

Does your child know the value of a dollar or is money no object? If you’re the bank make sure you don’t loan without repayment.

Parents, Learn How to Invest in Your Child and Build Character:

There are two ways to stop being your child’s credit card and start being your child’s money mentor.

1. Build character by giving your child an allowance:

Your child needs to know you won’t freely hand out money. Set up an allowance system. Why? An allowance teaches her to budget, to save, and self-discipline too. She’ll either choose to do without or work for what she wants.

Give her an allowance based on chores around the house. This “work before you’re paid” method teaches her the value of money and builds her character.

Set up a system of age-appropriate weekly and daily chores. Create a chart together by brainstorming the chores to be done. Decide on an allowance you can afford. Post the chart where it can be seen. Then check off the chores that were done each day. Be consistent.

2. Build character by offering extra work for extra money:

Do you work two jobs to provide for your family? Do you need to save and budget your money? Do you have to do without when the money runs out?

Working extra jobs can help your child when he wants more money. In addition to the chore chart create a list of extra jobs he can do. Make sure the jobs are age-appropriate. Check the work before you pay. Again, be consistent.

Conclusion: Money, Parents, and Kids’ Character ~

Avoid feeling sorry for your child because he wants something he can’t afford. Teach him the importance of saving, budgeting, and self discipline.

Don’t let your freely given money burn a hole in his pocket. Don’t be your child’s credit card. Being overly generous won’t teach him to be thankful. It will teach him to be selfish, self-centered, and ungrateful. It won’t prepare him for the real world either.

Remember, your child needs more than love. He needs training too. Do your child a favor. Teach him discipline about money. He’ll be glad you did. He’ll stop nagging and you’ll be building character too.

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