As an author, coach and publicist, I have had the opportunity of working with hundreds, if not thousands of individuals in the success process, both one on one, and in large workshops. One of the most interesting and least understood conditions I’ve seen that holds individuals back from the realization of their dreams is the need to self-sabotage and the fear of success.

I myself worked to unlock my own fears around success when a budding author and living on the edge of poverty for many years. I experimented with various healing modalities to unlock the patterns of self-sabotage that kept me from achieving my goals and letting good and abundance in my life.

Our subconscious stores all memories, even from other lives. Often writers and artists took the brunt of public ridicule, lived in poverty or ended their lives in madness. No wonder so many authors and writers suffer from a disdain for public notoriety.

To move forward from self-sabotage we must face our fears, but first we must recognize what these are. Some fears that lead to sabotage are the fear of estrangement from friends or peers, fear that notoriety will lead to a lack of privacy, fear of public reprisal or ostracism and others to numerous to mention. We may also need to confront jealousy, criticism and other negatives of the human consciousness.

So often we feel it is an outside force that prevents us from realizing our dreams when in fact it is our own fears that ward off opportunity. Too often I’ve heard someone say that God must not want me to have this, when in fact the person has a deep seated fear of moving beyond their comfort zone to accept the greater responsibilities that growth and success offer.

To unblock our fears of success and the need to sabotage we can use an ancient prayer called HU (pronounced Hugh) and sung in a long drawn out Huuuuuuuuuuuuu….. This word sung by the Druids and mentioned repeatedly by Rumi in his poetry, is a word that has the power to heal and uplift us so that we can accept change and the gifts of life.

There are many healing modalities that can assist you. There is no one way to heal. Whatever is sent to you may be the thing that will allow you to turn the corner. Some ways that I’ve used are journaling, body therapies, flower essences, homeopathy, Brain Gym and others to numerous to mention.

Ultimately healing must come from a belief in something higher or greater than ourselves. Sometimes it is simply something someone says that will bring us to a new place of acceptance. Once we release these blocks, the Holy Spirit will begin to pour in the gifts that we have earned for the simple fact we exist. Life is a gift given so that we can learn to serve life and others. We need the resources that prosperity provides so that we can move freely through the world, meeting others, sharing our story, our art, our writing or any of the other myriad forms of expression available to us.

Author's Bio: 

Darlene Montgomery is a well-known, author and public speaker on inspirational topics. For the last 25 years she has dedicated herself to the research and exploration of dreams, waking dreams and their spiritual application.

Her company, Lifedreams Unlimited, has sponsored hundreds of inspirational seminars designed to assist individuals to a more direct path of personal success and fulfillment. Her work as a life-coach and author centers on directing others to their spiritual purpose. In November 1999, Darlene published Dream Yourself Awake, a compelling account of her own journey in using dreams, intuition and inner knowing to overcome self-defeating patterns that kept her from experiencing abundance and success.

Spring 2004, White Knight Publications released Conscious Women Conscious Lives: Powerful and Transformational Stories of Healing Body Mind and Soul, Darlene’s second book, which became a Canadian best-seller. Spring 2005 Conscious Women Conscious Lives Book 2 is scheduled for release across North America.

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