I remember asking my Dad, when I was 16, how I could become charming. I must admit that my motives were hormonally inspired at the time, but what he said to me has effected my life and relationships ever since. He looked at me and said, " Son, you become charming by making another person feel better about themselves when they are in your company." What wisdom!

With my Dad's wisdom ringing in my ears I offer you a few suggestions on how to do just that- make someone feel better about themselves when in your company.

* Be alert for any chance to praise another.

* Be fun to be with.

* Be genuinely concerned about what's going on in the life of the other.

* Suspend your agenda in the interest of the other's.

* Encourage and affirm your friend at every opportunity.

* Listen twice as much as you talk.

* Give genuine compliments, frequently.

* Accept the person as they are and not as you want them to be.

* Ask questions and listen to their answers. There is a difference between prying and being interested.

* Be enthusiastic.

* Be a friend without conditions.

There is nothing more flattering or rare than the undivided attention of another.

It is more important to be interested than interesting.

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