Is your vision for your life big enough to make you jump out of bed in the morning? For most of us the answer is "no". We drag our sorry bodies out of bed and groan when we think about going to work. Our lives are small but "safe." We have an itsy, bitsy vision for our lives so that we will not be disappointed. What a high price to pay to avoid disappointment!

My wish for you is that you will grow a vision for your life so big that you could never reach it in one lifetime. Michelangelo writes, "The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it." When we have a huge vision for our lives we grow WHO we are in order to reach it. That's the beauty of an amazing vision- we must constantly grow to attain it. The growth keeps us feeling vital, excited and inspired.

Many people feel confused and at a loss when asked what their vision is for their life. Finding that answer begins simply by asking questions and exploring. I will get you started by asking you a few important questions. If you are not sure what the answers are then just guess. You may always go back and change your answers!

1. What do you want to give to others?

2. What are the natural strengths that you have to offer?

3. What difference do you wish to make?

Each of us has something to offer that is unique. We are passionate in offering this gift in a certain way. For example one of my Life Coaching clients has a son with learning disabilities. Through the years she has spent countless hours researching about, and negotiating with, the school system to get help for her boy. She has the natural strengths of teaching, organization and negotiating. She is passionate about getting help for children with learning disabilities and about supporting parents as they deal with their children. Her personality is warm and bubbly. As we talked about what career change she could make she looked at all her experience, passion and skills and decided to start parent workshops, write books, create "How-to guides" to help families with children who need academic assistance. Her quest for a career change turned into a life change.

Often client's tell me that they are looking for "meaningful" work. The definition of meaningful work is different for each of us. That is the beauty of creating your own vision. It will be different than anyone else's vision. So what is "meaningful" work to you? What makes it meaningful? Here are some answers I have received from Coaching clients...

"Meaningful work is helping others have a good time."
"Meaningful work is creating software that will help people have more free time."
"Meaningful work is helping children or animals."
"Meaningful work is anytime I can express my creativity."
"Meaningful work is helping others become financially independent."

As you make your next career change don't just look for a job you can live with. Ask yourself what you have to give to others and how you enjoy giving. Find out what makes work meaningful to you and then use the information as the foundation on which you build your next career. Find a career that will change your life!

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Leanna Fredrich works with professional and executive women in the 2nd half of their careers who are burned out and don't know what to do next. She helps them "go from burned-out to fired up" by finding meaningful and passion-filled work. Are you serious about creating an amazing life? Take the FREE “How to Discover Your Passion-filled Work” eclass. For more information go to