In light of the current stresses in the world, particularly in the financial sector, I thought that this week I'd outline a tool for staff motivation. I call it the Sibeer (pronounce it Cyber) Principle and it can work in any industry at any level of position. The Sibeer Principle's main points are:

* Seek out the staff that are having performance issues

* Identify barriers to performance (whether they are client related, environment related or other staff member related)

* Behaviour not person focus - a person does not underperform - they engage in behaviours (such as time wasting) that lead to underperformance. These behaviours may be as a result of not fully understanding the task they have to do or other issues relating to the workplace environment.

* Encourage behaviour change - if you have an Employee Assistance Plan - gently suggest to the staff member that he or she may benefit from professional advice.

* Empower staff - when you delegate tasks - give the whole process to the staff member to control. Staff can be motivated to perform when they feel that they are responsible for the outcome of a project rather than a cog in a wheel.

* Recognise efforts - make it a plan each day to recognise and thank staff members for their efforts in the workplace. Being considerate costs nothing and can be a great motivator and team builder.

Author's Bio: 

Tracey Lloyd is the Principal of Vireo Health Promotions, an emerging player in the Australian workplace wellbeing market.

Ms Lloyd is a published author and public speaker who lives and works in sunny Queensland.

Vireo Health Promotions are the developers of the innovative life coaching program "Bee Your Best".

Tracey can be contacted via her website