In a recent conversation, fellow entrepreneur Wendy Robbins made an important observation: that sometimes, people get so stuck in their plans that they scare themselves into not taking action. And she's absolutely right!

When we talk about organized planning, what that's really saying is, think about what you've done to this point. What it is that you want? Connect the dots between the 2 points. Here's the simple way you plan and get into action.

You've got to have a plan. But you've got to make it simple enough that you can move forward and create a new plan when you need to.

There's so much that we won't even know about or even recognize until we arrive partway down the road. We don't know what we need further up the road. We don't know how it will feel.

For instance, let's say a person wants to be a best-selling author. Well, they've got to get that first book written. How much planning can you do rather than writing the book? Plan as well as you can, and seek logical advice.

The move directly into action. Don't overcomplicate it!

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