You can use memory points to sell a customer on your multi-family property. Sometimes a little thing will make yours stand out from the rest. It is that small thing—that memory point—that catches in their minds and will not let them forget you.

There are things you can do to increase customers’ favorable impressions. You can begin before you even show the property. One idea is to set up a model you are going to show with a unique color scheme. You can go on the internet and find information about color schemes that are keyed to certain aspects of your community. Use that color scheme in the model.

You can give potential residents a memory point of the clubhouse as an inviting place. You can do this by creating the image of a front porch. You can use several methods to achieve this. You can put out a modern version of a welcome mat. You can put in banisters, for example. You can put in a path through the grassy area to get to the “porch.”

It does not hurt to get the customer interested from the moment of entry into the leasing office. If customers have to wait for any length of time at all, give them something to do that will give them memory points of the property. One idea is to let them use video glasses with a video of the property installed. This is unique and the idea sticks.

One thing you do not want is a negative memory point. If you see unhappy residents, you can keep them out of sight with a rolling display. On this display, you would have floor plans and the site plan. You could roll it away from the unhappy residents and into a friendlier environment.

Another way to create memory points is to put up words in various places around the apartment or condo. These words would be suggestive of pleasant feelings or ideas. You could put up one of these cut-outs of words like “ENJOY” in the dining room. Then, just have your agent use the word in a sentence to subtly bring the message home. Like, “You will enjoy meals in your dining room.” You can also use magnetic strips with phrases.

As your customer leaves, give them something to remember you by. A brochure of floor plan with a message from you written on it is a good memory point. You can also follow up their visit with a message to jar their memory of the apartment or condo. You can do this in the form of the delivery of a physical object with a quirky “come back” message.

You can set up a special greeting card made to send prospective residents. This could be in an email. It could be done with a streaming video of the property in the email. This can be set up through certain internet companies.

Do whatever you can do to make your property stand out from the rest. Create memory points that make a lasting impression. Sometimes it just takes a little thing to sell a customer on your property.

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