Moving house is a stressful business but that aside it also brings with it important life lessons. We are forced to look through the things of past and ask “Do I really need this?”. We have garage sales getting rid of clutter we question what to bring into our new home and what to leave behind.
There will be things we have outgrown, things held onto purely for sentimental purposes and those items we never really wanted in the first place.
Personally I think everyone should move house every ten years if only to shift them from their comfort couch of familiarity.
Self growth is all about continually cleaning up the clutter in your life. We should be asking ourselves the same questions in terms of our beliefs the things we hold to be true. We need to have a spiritual garage sale throwing out that which no longer serves our highest good and replacing worn out ideas. Yet we don’t do this we go about life same old same old.
If we don’t like something we hide it in our minds basement out of sight out of mind or often re-gift them often to our children. For example levels of expectation are often re-gifted through the generations as are dysfunctional patterns of behavior.
People are often reluctant to throw anything out when they move arguing “Oh I might need it one day” but the truth is they are not holding onto the object but the comfort and safety that comes with familiarity.
In order to grow into an authentic life of abundance we need to move our spiritual house every now and then. Have a garage sale throw out any outdated beliefs that no longer suit us and replace them with new ones. We need to unpack the emotional baggage sort through it it’s hard work but you do not want it tied to you everywhere you go.
What moving house has taught me is the lighter the load you carry the easier it is to get to where you are going.
Think about it….

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