Do you recall those days when you feel absolutely drained? You feel lethargic, overwhelmed and so out of it. You feel as though your energy is being pulled in so many directions that it is difficult for you to keep everything in balance? You get to the point where you say, if one more person asks me one more thing that will be it?

I know we all can have those type of days. Some folks live their entire lives in that terrible state of imbalance. But I'd like to share something with you. The feelings of anxiety, being overwhelmed and stressed are all choices. We have control over the stress in our lives. And we have the ability to keep our lives in balance. How?

Stress is controlled by whom you allow into your life, how willing you are to tell your own truth, and how much courage you have to live up to and stand up for your truth. Do you have the courage to be honest? Do you have the ability to say no to someone when you simply do not have the time or positive energy to give them? Do you know how to give yourself time to rest and be replenished?

Let me clearly tell you that it is as simple as it sounds. If you want to feel in control of your life then you must take control. If you want less stress in your life then you must determine who is worthy of being in your life and how much time you will allow yourself to spend with people that drain your energy. Many times it is our family members, job or children that is putting a drain on us and we mistakenly believe that there is no way to regain balance in dealing with them.

Unfortunately we believe that we must give our energy to anyone and everyone when they need us. It is simply not so.
We have been conditioned, particularly as women, to give more than we receive. People have told us the wonderful belief that it is better to give than to receive. Yeah, well when you're giving way more than you're receiving and you can feel that your energy is depleted then you have become imbalanced and you need to become the receiver at this moment. So in the case of family members, job or children you must consciously choose to create balance. We must choose to give ourselves what we need and understand that we have far greater control of our life and our energy than we realize.

There are times when my girls are driving me nuts by asking me as many questions as there are in the Jeopardy game vault. The phone is ringing. People want articles. I have deadlines. A site to maintain. A relationship to nourish and appreciate. And then times can arise when it all becomes a bit much and I have to put it back in balance. Many times it can simply mean shutting my door and allowing the girls to be. The idea that they may make a complete mess in the house doesn't mean nearly as much when I know I need to regain my emotional balance. The beauty of control in your life is knowing when to use it and when to release it.

Yes, your family members, job or children only overwhelm you at times because you ALLOW it too. If you simply relinquished a bit of control - left work early to live your life, taught your baby to appreciate their own "me time", and allowed the phone to go to voice mail at times - you wouldn't be so stressed, anxious, drained and overwhelmed.

We are human so there will be times when we feel lethargic, overwhelmed and so out of it. But we are spirits also and therefore we have the power to create a better life for ourselves each and every day, in every moment.

We must stop going under the influence of others who bring negative energy, drama and stress. We must learn how to make the best choices for our spiritual, emotional and mental well-being.

I know for sure that when you commit to living a life you love then you instantly make a commitment to choose what is best for your life and your spirit. You make a decision to keep your life and world in balance. You choose to look at life with eyes of love rather than judgment. You choose to create peace in your home, your work and your life by every choice you make.
So the next time you feel lethargic, overwhelmed and so out of it make a conscious choice to get back into your life and make the best decision for yourself in this moment.

Author's Bio: 

Natasha Munson is the author of Life Lessons for My Sisters and Spiritual Lessons for My Sisters: How to Get Over The Drama and Live Your Best Life! (Hyperion May 2006). She is the owner of an online travel company, More information about the author can be found at