I was diagnosed with diabetes in the fall of 2007 and this article covers my journey over the last year. I have found success controlling my diabetes with exercise, proper eating and a strong antioxidant. Well I decided that if I am going to take a MLM product I just as well try them all and find the best one. But I wanted to find the one that helped me the most so I could share my findings with others..

Well I have tried Xango, Monivie, Noni, Acai, Zrii, Agel, Goji, Kyani and several local health store products. Most of these worked very similar and Kyani Sunrise was the one I used the longest. But with the antioxidant I was adding several other vitamins and minerals. This worked very well; I was able to go from an A1C of 11.7 to an A1C of 4.7 in less than a year. I also have reduced my medications to almost nothing. I am thinking of trying without but I want to talk to my doctor first.

But my experiment took a turn several months ago. I was trying a product called Mistica from Synergy Worldwide and had decided to try the whole V3 system. It had most of the vitamins and minerals I was adding to my antioxidant. I than began to study the main product of the V3 system called ProAri 9. This product is a complex mixture of products with the key ingredient of L-arginine.

L-arginine produces nitric oxide in the body which does amazing things for our circulatory system. Heart disease and or circulation are the leading cause of complication for people with diabetes. Dr. Louis J. Ignarro won the Noble Prize in 1998 for the discovery of the importance of nitric oxide and what it does to our cardiovascular system. He has published a book about his findings called No More Heart Disease. (The link to this book is in my previous post) This is a great read for anyone concerned about heart disease and it should be for all of us, because 50% of Americans will suffer heart complication sometime in their life.

Anyway I started the V3 system the first January 2009 and have been amazed at how much better I feel. At first I was concerned because the ProArgi 9 would spike my blood sugar but now it does not affect it much. I am now just taking the V3 system without any other vitamins or minerals, except alpha lipid acid which is not in the V3 and is important to people with diabetes. The taste is not as good as some of the other products I tried but a minor trade of for better health.

All people with diabetes react differently to different foods, nutrient and medications so it may not work the same for everyone. Whether you have diabetes or not the Synergy Worldwide V3 system has the proper blend needed for a health body.

Sense I have been checking these products out I have heard some amazing stories from people taking products from all the companies I have mentioned. People are getting help from their poor health or medical problems. So why can’t the government and medical groups endorse these products and stop providing everyone with medications with terrible side effects. Many are skeptical of Multi Level Marketing products but I will assure you that I have found results and millions of others have too.

Diabetes and or heart disease will affect you or someone near you in your life. Whether you have been diagnosed or not, now is the time to make a difference. I am on a quest to tell every person I can about what I have experienced. If you want to know more about my experience with diabetes and the products I take please e-mail me.

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I have been experimenting with many nutrient products over the past year and I think I have found the best mix for heart disease and diabetes.