I was born with the gift that at times for me has made y life very challenging, especially being born to a very strict Christian family. Over the years as I matured and built my own life and married and become a mother I then relaised that it was important that I follow my path that my soul had mapped out for me before I came into this life.
I really enjoy reading for people and have many happy clients all over the universe. I believe it is my duty to give you the honest truth in a reading even when I know it isnt particularly what you want to hear. This in itself can be a challenge for me as some clients when able to publicly rate my readings can be very harsh to the fact that I did not tell them what they wanted to hear...I actually understand this side of our nature but this will not deter me from giving the messages that are needed not necessarily wanted. At it is great when a few months further down the track they return to tell me that what I had said to them was "Right on the Button"
I have had many visions throughout my life that have come to the for and it is with my oldest son that I would say I am most in tune with as far as family memebers go...I have experienced so much around him through out his life before or during the time the incidences have occured. I as a rule do not like to read for friends and family as in readings to do with them , my life can also appear for example when I did a reading for one of my firends about 20 years ago and I told her about the affair she was having and that it was with someone we both knew...I didnt at the time realise I was talking about my husband...and another occasion when I saw another dear friend suffering from what looked like chemotheraphy of which I couldnt bring myself to tell her especially when I also saw myself breas feeding two quite different in age boys at the same time...it was to happen about 6 months later that we found she had leukemia and during her treatment I was to become wet nurse for her 3month old son as well as breast feeding my own son who was 7 months at the time.
It was after this time that I decided I couldnt read for my friends or family...no should I say I wouldnt read for them as some things I personally dont want to know. Of course at times I have no choice in seeing what is happening around them and I deal with each incident the best I can as they occur.
I love what I do and as I have now grown in my own life also realise although I have Psychic ability a lot of my lifes experience helps me in how to guide and direct people into finding their own solutions.
So if any of you are interested in me reading for you I will be only too pleased to help you

many Blessings Jocelyn

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Born with Psychic Ability I am here to help all of you that need some direction and clarity in your life. Also very fluent in reading the tarot which may I remind you is a very powerful tool when in the hands of the right people