I was blessed to have a very insightful and intuitive mother who became my greatest teacher so far to date. I would like to share with you a few of her teachings and my learning’s in a series of articles.

1. Choose your thoughts carefully, they are your destiny.
Since the Secret has come out people have become more aware of the power of thoughts and choices but back in the 50’s when I grew up this type of wisdom was rare to get from parents.

We struggled through some hard times but my mother always told me to focus on the good things life could bring and when my sister and I did, we would see how right she was.

My philosophy to this day is that wherever I am in my life each day; it is exactly the blueprint I have created. You always have a choice about who you want to be and it starts with your thoughts so chose your thoughts carefully.

2. Be in the moment always, it’s all you really have.
I so often hear my clients tell me that they will begin to change or manifest or whatever next week or perhaps sometime tomorrow.

When I first started working with guides and discovered that they work on energy only that meant they worked on the energy I created with my thoughts, deeds and actions. It amazed me to know that they did not care if that energy was positive or negative; it was just energy and they worked with whatever it was.

It did not take long to realize that saying tomorrow, next week, and perhaps later or “I will”… did not create a great response in my present time period until I realized there are no guarantees of a “tomorrow, next week or next month” and that our power was always in the moment.

This moment is the only moment in life we are given so it has the greatest point of power we will ever have. By not living in the moment we miss the joys, the teachings, and the manifesting that each day can bring and it is truly all we are ever going to have.

Copyright by Irene Martina April 15, 2008 366 words

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Insightful and compassionate, Irene is a powerful spiritual counselor, author, speaker and teacher who shares her intuitive gifts and wisdom with a myriad of clients including professionals and non-professionals around the globe.

Irene is the author of Journey Beyond and a Self Discovery Journal with 366 of her own quotes to inspire you and challenge your spirit to greater self discovery.

Irene creates her own reading cards through channeled information as well as she has created a Wisdom Deck, Angel Deck and Insight Deck of cards for her many clients to use. Her various readings are unique and original to her and she is recognized for her profound accuracy rate.

Irene has been seen and heard on many television and radio shows and is currently working on a television pilot for her own show.

As a clairvoyant, Irene saw and spoke to her spirit guide when she was four years old; and at the age of 8 her dreams started telling her amazing things about her life and opened the doors to the spirit world. She knew she was destined to be something else in life other than an accountant. Irene has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

Besides being a clairvoyant and medium, Irene is an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner), a certified Adult Training Instructor, Reiki Master and an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

As a professional speaker, Irene speaks on dreams, intuition, meditations, embracing your power, how to discover and awaken your senses and embark on a journey of self discovery. Irene also customizes workshops on these topics.

Irene lives in Edmonton, Alberta and is currently working on a new book and celebrating 30 years of marriage with her best friend and husband, Ron.