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I came across this company that gives away power malls for Free! What is a power mall? These power malls that this company created consists of more than 1000+ stores. When power mall owners shop in their own malls they receive cash back on every purchase as rebates for the same things they would buy at the locate stores. So this saves them money also. There is no monthly charges for the malls, they are given away completely free of any charges. I got so excited about this good news that I got myself a mall under the business program. Now all I need to do is to give them away to whoever wants one. I will give over half of the proceeds from my power mall for Church Mission Fund. I have have a great passion for church missions.

I look at giving this power malls away as a free gift to anyone who wants one. The thing about free gifts is: It is only a free gift if someone takes one. It is only a free gift if someone use the gift. It is only a free gift if someone keeps the gift. I am trying to give away these free gifts, but I need someone to receive the gift, to use the gift, and to keep the gift. You keep the gift by making at least one purchase a month. The moment you fail to make one purchase, you lose the gift – in this case your power mall. If you get a business mall, you can use it for any non-profit organization you want to.

The company believes they can change the world for the better through the use of the vehicle of giving away power malls. I sure would love to have you get one of these power malls and we could work together for some good. The address where you can get one of these power malls is:


Just click on the above link and it will take you to my power mall website. This is the very best offer I have ever found besides salvation. I hope that you are one of the ones that will accept this offer.

God Bless you,

George White

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I am a Bible teacher, author, Evangelist, and online dollarshop owner. My passion is for missions and helping people all that I can. I help with information and counceling where possible. I live in Newark, Ohio with my wife and daughter.