My daughter came home from her doctor's office one day and called to tell me her cholesterol was 338 (her LDL was 241). She was terrified, to say the least.

Since this is her story you should hear it from her. So, here is my daughter Sue.

Hi, I'm Sue, Margie's daughter of 53 years. :o)

Let me start with a little background to explain how I found out about my high cholesterol.

Over 20 years ago and after three long years of doctors, tests, un-countable trips to the emergency room (because I though I was having a heart attacks) and different medications, I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks.

The doctor I was seeing at the time prescribed Klonopin. Let me tell you, after 3 years of daily multiple panic attacks, I took that first pill, and within 20 minutes I felt normal for the first time in over three years.

Since I moved to Florida, I needed to find a general doctor that would continue my prescription for Klonopin, it's the only thing I've found, so far, that stops the daily anxiety and panic attacks.

Okay, here's the part where I find out about my high cholesterol.

After several attempts and failures with doctors and different drugs, I finally found the most amazing doctor, and I've seen a lot of doctors.

My doctor is a good natured, caring, professional man (we'll call him Dr. H). The first thing he did was order blood tests for my liver, kidneys and cholesterol to check my over-all health.

Believe it or not, over those 20 plus years not one doctor ever did any blood tests, until I met Dr. H.

That is how I found out my cholesterol was 338 (my LDL was 241). Other than that I checked out “normal” in everything else.

You know what came next. That's right... Dr. H gave me some sample bottles of Lipitor to take, told me to lose the extra pounds and come back in two months to re-test my cholesterol.

Over the weekend I did a great deal of soul searching in regards to taking Lipitor. I came to the conclusion, due to my feelings about taking statin drugs, I could not take Lipitor.

I wrote Dr. H a letter thanking him for the samples and letting him know of my decision to lower my cholesterol naturally, enclosed the un-opened bottles of Lipitor and dropped it off at his office. He agreed to work with me, with a warning that if I didn't get the numbers down my way, I would have to do it his way by using “traditional” medication, one way or the other they had to be lowered.

But, there was one problem; I had no clue of how to do it.

I went into “panic mode”, and began searching the internet (for hours). After my initial distress passed, I realized I already knew where to find the answer. One of the experts on our natural health site, Frank Mangano wrote the book, “The 60 Day Prescription Free Cholesterol Cure”.

After following Frank's program for just two months, my cholesterol was 241 (down 97 points) (my LDL was 173 - down 68 points). I thought this was fantastic! Dr. H thought it was a very good start but it still needed to be lower. He said to continue what I was doing and come back in two months for a re-test.

Two months later, my cholesterol was 156 (down another 85 points) (my LDL was 93 - down another 80 points). I can hardly wait to get the results of my blood test next month.

I am so fortunate to have gotten the help of Frank Mangano and his e-book, “The 60 Day Prescription Free Cholesterol Cure”. I e-mailed him, thanked him profusely, and told him I am a devoted fan. He saved my life.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

With Frank's help, in only four months, I naturally lowered my cholesterol from 338 to 156 (a total of 182 points), my LDL from 241 down to 93 (a total of 148 points), amazed my doctor and am healthier for it.

The only side effect I experienced lowering my cholesterol naturally was that I lost 42 pounds.

I am living proof that you can lower your cholesterol naturally, without use of “traditional” drugs and their many terrible side effects.

If you, or someone you know, are fighting high cholesterol, I urge you to get Frank Mangano's e-book and follow his program. You will amaze yourself, your family and your doctor.

Best of Health,

Susan Graham
A Devoted Fan of Frank Mangano

Oh, I almost forgot, you can get a copy of Frank's e-book at:
The 60 Day Prescription Free Cholesterol Cure.

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