We are so filled with mis-beliefs. We think we are filled with just ‘beliefs’, or maybe, ‘disbeliefs’, but in fact, we are loaded to the gills (as it were), with mis-guided beliefs, many that we are completely unaware of.

How does this happen? How do we spend our lives loading up with beliefs that generate more beliefs to support those beliefs? We start downloading our beliefs between the ages of zero+ and five. During this time, we are unguarded, unprotected in our minds; we just sponge up everything that comes our way and we spend the rest of lives subject to the effects of those stored beliefs.

These beliefs include things like: money doesn’t grow on trees, I don’t deserve my greater good, I am not smart (pretty, kind, funny, etc.) enough. People can’t be rich and spiritual, everyone in our family is negative, everyone in our family is overweight, the only way to get what I want is to work myself to death, life begins after retirement, the world is in a terrible mess and we can’t fix it, my vote doesn’t count, I can’t be a good parent, my children are impossible….well, you get the idea.

So, would you like to get rid of those beliefs and maybe replace them with things like, I am one smart cookie!? I can have/get/do anything I want, I have a strong, healthy body, I have a peaceful, loving relationship with my children (spouse, friend). I love and appreciate myself, I live life to the fullest.

Ok! Here’s how. Say to yourself, I don’t know how, I make smart decisions, I only know I do Now, and I am fulfilled. Once you have said that, it is called The One Command, you are done, it is fulfilled! Stop! Know that you have blessed yourself and released yourself from and old addiction. Yes, thoughts and beliefs can be addictions just like ice cream, or cigarettes, or even running.

BE AWARE. Know that you have thousands of addictive thoughts and beliefs that not only don’t serve you, they also block you from your good. RELEASE YOURSELF. Be free, and know how to keep yourself that way. With The One Command, you can even free yourself from thoughts you don’t even know you have. I don’t know how, I release all thoughts that don’t serve me, I only know I do now, and I am fulfilled or I don’t know how I forgive myself for my past mistakes, I only know I do now, and I am fulfilled.

Statement number one may actually release thoughts to your conscious mind, does that mean it doesn’t work? No, it means that you have released them to your conscious mind! And now, you can let go of each one individually, and I will wager that after you get through two or three or four, they will all spontaneously combust, because our thoughts tend to run in packs, they relate to, and feed on, each other.

So literally, change your thinking and change your life. Go forth and prosper!


Author's Bio: 

Asara specializes in the areas of wealth, wellness, career, business, and life change.
Her bestselling book, The One Command, changes lives radically.
She is a highly accomplished and sought after, author, speaker, and teacher.
She is the founder and owner of Commanding Wealth, offering workshops for Individuals and Corporate Business Presentations