In order to heal, you need to take personal responsibility for your illness. While it is a good idea to seek help, ultimately your current health conditions where caused by you, and therefore, only you can undue them. “The law of personal responsibility is the guiding principle in the search for the root of your obstructions… It enables you to resolve whatever problem you may have. It opens up life with all its rich possibilities. It forces you to see things in their true light and, uncomfortable as this may first seem, it leaves you with a lot more self-respect, integrity, and hope than the helpless resignation to circumstances life is supposed to bring about without your doing. It makes defeat unnecessary because it also removes, among other things, your childish illusion of omnipotence, which is just as unrealistic as the illusion of being life's passive victim.” Pathwork Guide Lecture 171

Our western health care system feeds off the concept of the individual not taking responsibility of their illness. All too often the doctor is supposed to take the problem away. Unfortunately, the way this has evolved is that the only way to fix the problems without abiding by the law of personal responsibility is usually drugs or surgery which represent almost an entirely passive form of treatment. Furthermore large corporations, through influencing scientific funding, the news media and funding medical schools have slowly encouraged “science” which enforces the belief that we are not responsible for our disease. Such illusions are that illness is many times genetic and inherited, drugs are the only cure for disease, and the belief that disease cannot be cured, the idea that disease is caused by germs, and the belief that food and toxic elements do not make people sick. Later I’ll present evidence that disease is mainly caused by our modern western diet. Yet almost all of us choose a form of willful ignorance, which is to ignore the effects of a modern diet on the body.

Your return not only means being responsible for your diet, and for your healing, as well as being responsible for the growth of your spirit. This happens by looking for the underlying currents and beliefs which distort your perceptions of reality.

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I want to share with people what create's illness and how to heal it. Rami is an energy healer, and a yoga teacher. Please explore my web site, to learn more about how to improve your health naturally.