Robert Elias Najemy

1. What exactly is your goal or purpose here?

2. What is it that you would like to change, solve, manifest or create?

3. Why is this important to you?

4. If for some reason beyond your control you do not succeed, what do you image you will feel?

5. When you do succeed, what do you imagine you will feel?

6. If you had a magic wand and could create any results, please describe the result that would be 80% of what you want?
a. How would you feel with that 80%?
b. What would be missing for you?

7. Now please describe in detail your 100% result ? that would satisfy you totally.

8. And now please describe a result that would be 200% - meaning that it is an even more positive result than the one you have previously described.
a. How is this better?
b. Is there any reason not to move towards this 200% goal?

9. Please explain why this is important to you in terms of your deepest values?

10. What deeper needs will be satisfied when you fulfill this goal. (Perhaps self-esteem, self-confidence, financial or professional security, freedom, happiness, meaning?)

11. Can you think of an even higher or more satisfying goal than the one you have presently described? What would is be?

12. What do you need increase or strengthen in order to manifest this goal:
a. In yourself?
b. In your effort?
c. In your surroundings? (people, objects, activities, environment)

13. What do you need to lessen, let go of or free yourself from in order to achieve this goal?

14. What do you need to do differently in order to succeed?

15. Is there any part of you that might have the slightest doubt about:
a. Yourself or you ability? If so what?
b. The goal itself ? whether it is worth it? If so why?
c. Whether you actually want this result? If so why?
d. Whether this is your real goal or a social or parental programming?

16. What prevents you from manifesting this result instantaneously -at this moment?

17. Close your eyes. Relax. Now imagine yourself having already succeeded and having created your chosen reality.
a. How do you feel?
b. Do you feel comfortable with this success? If not, why?
c. Do you deserve this success? If not, why?

18. If you took total responsibility for creating your reality and believed that on one else plays any role whatsoever in creating it, how would you think, act and proceed differently towards this goal?

19. If you believed that you were all-powerful, how would you deal with this differently?

20. What do you choose to believe and do in order to move forward without obstacles quickly and efficiently to create the reality you choose?

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