Natural Law is the law that God set in motion to govern all that He created. It is immutable and unchangeable. There is no record of it ever having been changed to suit the whim and desire of any man or men.

There is a law that controls organic life and one that controls spiritual life and both are so co-related that one reacts upon the other. We are now coming to a realization of the fact that humanity may control its own destiny by understanding and complying with the law.

Science used to tell us that the body controlled the mind, but now it is a proven fact that the mind controls the body. Through a knowledge of the laws of right thinking man may work miracles with his own physical body.

With destructive thinking he may create disease, unhappiness and poverty for himself. All indications point to the fact that sooner or later Natural Law and its reaction in man's life will be a part of his education from childhood on through life.

Spiritual law is the highest because it enables man to live upon a higher plane of existence and through his contact with the spiritual and its manifestations in his life, is able to live more harmoniously and constructively with the great forces of nature. Through man's knowledge of the law, he has been able to utilize the great forces of Nature for his own sustenance and comfort, to annihilate time and space, to overcome the law of gravitation.

A knowledge of the Law of Cause and Effect is quite essential to man's progression. We must realize that every cause brings about its certain effect and if we would seek to better our lives, we must be careful of the causes that we create.

We create by thinking. Thought becomes deed and deed sets in motion that immutable law that brings the effect into our lives, be it constructive or destructive. Through the power of constructive thought, man with his finite mind, contacts God or Infinite Mind and brings into realization that which he thought.

The Law of Attraction decrees that we attract to ourselves that which we are ourselves. As we vibrate mentally, as we desire through physical sensation, so we attract into our lives those of a like nature and desire. How true the saying that a man may be judged by his associates!

By creating with the spiritual power, we set in motion the vibrations that, in accordance with the law, will attract to us things and people of a better type. Man sees in others only that which is within himself. Therefore, if you see only the evil in those you contact, there is something radically wrong with yourself.

The Law of Life is the law that controls the relationship of God and man. Upon our understanding of that relationship and our ability to adjust outselves to it, depends the power of the Infinite that is expressed through our life. We are God's within ourselves, if we only allow perfect life to have full expression.

The Law of Love is the most important of all Laws! It is the creative force of all life. All down through the ages, Love has been the beacon light that has led thousands of souls into great achievement. Love of God, Love of country, Love of mother and last but by no means least, the Love of a good man for a true and sincere woman.

History tells us that there are many instances where Love has made or marred kingdoms. It is the constructive force of all forces and highest vibration that can be attained because God is Love and Love is God.

The Law of Truth is the knowledge of what constitutes right thinking, right acting and right living. It is accessible to all that seek it. Truth many times crushed to earth will eventually rise again triumphant over evil and wrongdoing. Once you have found Truth, you are more accountable to the Infinite than the man who does wrong through ignorance.

The Law of Compensation is that law which metes out to man the payment for his own deed, good or bad. As we sow, so shall we reap. When we break God's law, compensation sets in automatically to exact its punishment in some form or other.

The Law of Freedom gives to man a full realisation of his unlimited power of choice. It brings to him the knowledge that he can and must build his own life in accordance with his own desires, be they good or bad. He will suffer or be rewarded in the hereafter for so building.

Knowing these laws and the absolute certainty of the results if broken, gives to mankind an unlimited power and he can truly say "Truth has set me free".

As all our accomplishments rest upon our knowledge of natural laws, study these laws and bring them into action in your lives. Day by day, as you progress in knowledge, you will realize that through compliance with the laws, you are bringing success, health and prosperity into perfect manifestatiion in your life.

Author's Bio: 

Judy Merrill is an Ordained Minister in Spiritualism (religion, philosophy, science) leading others with an open mind and heart. She had developed and teaches many subjects on Mediumship, Basic and Advanced Spiritualism and certifies the workers for speaking, demonstrating, healing. Ordained Ministers are sponsored with the Marriage Bureau in Ontario for their marriage rites.