Today, almost all types of disorders have drug based treatment and a corresponding natural remedy. In fact, natural remedies are giving some pharmaceutical companies a run for their money, since they are now more popular.

The gout disorder is one of those disorders where sufferers would much prefer the natural remedy for gout in order to avoid the side effects of drug medications. Hence, knowing what gout is, its symptoms, and how to avoid it, we should also learn about the natural remedy for gout:

Cherry Juice Gout Cure

There is quite an interesting story about cherries as natural remedy for gout and how this was discovered. In 1950, a certain Texas doctor was so afflicted with gout, it kept him confined in a wheelchair.

Finding himself hungry, he picked up a bowl of cherries since it was the only one that appealed to him. He was surprised to find all his gout pain and inflammation gone the following day and was certain that the bowl of cherries was the only thing different he ate the previous day.

From that day on, this doctor consumed 6 cherries a day until he became totally gout-free. His gout returned only after he stopped eating cherries. This then confirmed that the cherries did cure his gout. The Texas doctor collaborated with the family physician and they tested cherries as natural remedy for gout for 12 other gout sufferers.

Sure enough, his findings were proven true; the twelve patients became free of gout for as long as they ate cherries. These findings were scientifically verified; in fact the doctor’s works were included in the Texas Reports on Biology and Medicine Vol. 8, No. 3, 1950.

About ½ pound of fresh or canned unsweetened cherries is the recommended quantity for consumption to make the remedy effective for gout sufferers. If you’re going to take cherries in its juice form, drink those that are concentrated and unsweetened.

For this matter, studies have shown that any dark red cherries or even blueberries is effective in reducing the joint swelling among gout sufferers. Drinking cherry juice, blueberry and Hawthorne juices provide a welcome alternative for some of your water intake requirements.

Other Natural Remedy for Gout:

• Chickweed Tea – Drink about 1 cup of chickweed tea, apportioned into four parts and taken about four hours apart. To make the chickweed tea, boil about a teaspoon of chickweed to one cup boiling water, then let it stand for several hours and strain the tea before drinking.

• Hops Ointment – Mix 1 tablespoon of hops to 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter; combine the mixture very well then use it by applying on to the gout-affected areas.

• Lilac and Vodka – This is a homemade medication with a little kick but should be taken only as drops. Combine two tablespoons of lilac blooms to seven hundred ml of vodka. Take fifty drops of this concoction three times a day and before having your meals.

Even the simple ascorbic acid is potent enough as an effective natural remedy for gout. Vitamin C can also be very effective in reducing uric acid levels.

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