I love going to the meadow up the hill from my house. It's on a hilltop with clusters of monterey pine trees. It slopes down to a small lush forest in the valley and looks out to the green hills yonder.

I was sitting on a fallen tree branch and looking out at the vista when the trees spoke to me and told me that they love me. I told them I love them, too. I told the wind that blew gently on my hair and face, "I love you!" I said the same to the sun that warmed and soothed me. I could feel love in the air.

The grass shone brilliantly and I let them know how I enjoyed their fresh scent. The sky was blue with little puffy clouds, so serene. The birds sang happily as if joining in my delight.

I saw a red-tailed hawk, nary 50 feet from me. First, it flew to rest on a 20-foot tall tree stump. (I wonder if it can still be called a stump being that tall?) Then, it flew down to the grassy area to eat something on the ground. This majestic bird stayed there and looked my way for a few moments to say to me, "It's all OK!" Then it flew gracefully away.

Nothing was funny about our interaction, and yet I felt this powerful delight rise up from my belly. My joyous laughter rang out clear and loud. Such sweet freedom!

I felt deeply refreshed.

Yes, beautiful hawk, all is well indeed.

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Founder of Metta Center in Oakland, Christine Metawati offers energy therapy and spiritual coaching. Christine specializes in helping people to increase self-awareness, transform their consciousness, and deliberately create the life that they want. Visit mettacenter.com to find out more about her work.