When it comes to network marketing, one of the biggest things that's going to be useful for you is to keep your downline growing. If you want to build not just direct sales income but residual income, you need to have people under you who can each build their own sales teams. To do that, you have to have a good plan that anyone in your downline can follow so that they, too, can have success in network marketing recruiting. Here are some tips to duplication that will help you keep your downline growing so that you grow your residual income, too.

Make sure your plan will work for anyone who does as your plan says for least 90 days.

This is imperative, because in order to stay motivated, people have to see results. Therefore, if they do just what your plan says for 90 days, they should be able to see results, assuming they have done the work themselves and have stayed motivated. It's not your fault if they DON'T stay motivated for those 90 days, but then, you probably don't want people who are willing to put in effort for three months anyway. This is just a way to weed those people out. Make sure they WILL see results in 90 days, though, assuming they do what your plan says they should.

Make it flexible enough so that it can be customized to each distributor's talent and passion.

This is where your help comes in, because your plan should not simply be "cookie cutter." Instead, you should be able to take each distributor under your wing, get to know him or her a bit, and then help customize your plan so that you work with each distributor's strengths and weaknesses. In addition, this is helpful because if you do this, you're going to pass your own teaching and mentoring style onto your downline. In turn, they'll use it with their recruits, too. Personalized mentoring with MLM; what could be better than that?

Keep it simple

We have all heard of the acronym, "Keep It Simple, Silly." But it really is true. Yes, of course, you want to be able to work with your downline's individual talents and passions, but the basic framework should be really, really simple so that it can be duplicated and then modified as necessary (hence the flexibility also needed) to work with each recruit's talents and passions.

Work with those who want to, let the rest go

It's not going to take you very much time to realize the difference between those who really want to put the time and effort into their business to make it succeed, and those who want you to do the work for them. It's been said that only 20% of the people in your downline are those who really want to work. The other 80% simply want to sit back and get results, which of course isn't fair. Develop a system for yourself whereby you focus in on the 20% who really want to work (assuming you're always working on growing your downline), and let the other 80% flounder unless they really want to come and work with you. If a previous "flounder" suddenly sort of gets it and realizes that he or she really wants to succeed, he or she will come to you with hat in hand and want to work. That's fine. Then you can put some time in with that recruit. Leave the other 80% to fend for themselves unless they really want to work.


Finally, teach these principles to your downline, too, because they'll use them with their own downlines and pass on your wisdom. If you get that done, then you truly do have residual income that just won't quit.

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Aaron Alexandra Ngoh Kwong Meng is an expert online marketer and owner of the site worldsponsoringacademy.com/blog. The World Sponsoring Academy helps the Network Marketing/MLM pro to find, get, keep, and grow their downline by helping them to execute effective marketing and selling systems. If you want to succeed in network marketing,download your free book on how to use the Internet to double or triple the size of your organization within the next 30 days. Aaron has 10 copies to give away;click here for instant access