As we look back in time, we learn that "The Devil" (without name, everyone can imagine it by him/her self) "The great-One" had cleft hoofs, devil-fork, horns and red or black eyes with a look thats kill! The Great-One visited where ever it wanted, did what ever it wanted and its playground after war was bloody with corps, sadness, insanity and death!

Today as time have developed "The great-One" has done it too, we

New Age devil has settled into our time.
It's playground is to be where we want it to be. It has learned how to use us and our misfortune. So to say we deliver the playground on a silver plate, where It can riot and relish of our

Our modern life is very superficial. Outsider can see much money, happiness and success! Thats why we hardly never get help!
Do you feel unhappy? Do you feel that "The Devil" has/is visiting? Why don't you try a few things for starters, even though it maight feel like a heavy task:

First in morning when you open your eyes, say to your-self: today Im going to be happy!(If you don't believe that state it again!).Don't mind the rain outdoors!

Second, tell, email or text your mate that you love him/her. Do this nomather the big fight yesterday. This day is for love!
Third, if your house is messy, clean it up! Put all extra stuff you dont need down in cellar or dump it! If you live in a small place, make room! I know a man who lived in 18 sqms and it was very cozy and didnt feel to small at all!

All day long say to your self that you love this day!
We've learned to know that "The Devil" likes it dirty and messy and it gets fed on negative stuff! Remeber also this day to try to eat healthy and smile! Smile even though its would feel like a smirk! You'll learn to smile again, its just hiding somewhere, believe it, its not gone! After this is up to you, what you want to do. When you get up from the deep, you feel newborn and your eyes open for it self!

Author's Bio: 

Director of a trading company, arm-chair professor.