Today is the new moon, at 4:22AM PST. A new moon window lasts approximately 24 hours, and is the perfect time, in each moon cycle, to set new intentions, to re-format what is forming in our lives.

This new moon is the 'last' in the calendar year 2008 in the West, and has some auspicious aspects worth contemplating. A new moon is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. This moon, in Capricorn has to do with how we manage our physical resources / our bodies and our physical lives. It is aspected by a conjunction of Venus and Neptune. Venus is the planet of the 'personal' divine feminine energies of love, or living from the heart. Neptune is the higher octave of the divine feminine, the connection with our Universal Feminine, or unconditional LOVE. Loosely translated, and apologies to my friends who are astrology professionals, this new moon is a seeding time for how to 'marry' our personal soul alignments with divine alignment in and from the heart, and how to "play that forward" in new archetypal alignments and structures in our physical bodies and lives.

A new moon intention practice is helpful in manifesting from the feminine principle. This is one of my favorites.

Sit for however long suits you (or lie down, if that is more comfortable - this is a YIN practice!) and contemplate the energies of the new moon. This is best done after the exact alignment of the new moon and before it moves into the next sign. Ask yourself what speaks to you in this alignment.

Set intentions for what you are choosing (yes, choosing) to manifest, be it energetically, or materially, in the coming two weeks, and fully rejoice in the expectation of receiving that choice in miraculous abundance directly from Source, at the time of the Full Moon.

Avow your trust in the Divine Feminine magnetic principle, drawing this to you. Now, put it away. Mark your calendar for the full moon, to joyfully receive whatever aspect of your miracle awaits you!

I have practiced this for years, and am continually amazed and in gratitude for what Source provides!

This new moon is an initiation into the heart. May yours bloom in abundant peace and joy and may its fragrance delight those you encounter.

Author's Bio: 

As a child, I was always drawn to nature. She held me and opened her secrets to me, when I became still and listened. My true 'gift' is that I never lost my connection to the Source within me, I never really became 'separate, lost and alone' although I have certainly experienced that in this lifetime! Like so many of us, I was advised to shut down what I 'knew' or 'saw' or told it was 'just my imagination'. In my quiet times I knew differently, The trees and I had conversations no one else could hear.

I had several re-awakenings, one in 1989, when I finished a run and a bit of yoga, stood up, became incredibly dizzy and fell down with a loud ringing in one ear. For several weeks I could not drive a car or walk in a circle as my centre of gravity was completely altered. My healing journey took me into the worlds of NET, NLP, ayurvedic and chinese medicine and ultimately into many forms of energy healing - a journey for which I am completely grateful and that changed me completely. I had another awakening in 1999, when a part of me literally fell away.

I founded my original company, Matrix Change, as a way of teaching what I had learned, in the hope that what had helped me might also help others. I had been shown that we can shift our perception and experience of reality from programmed states of being to fluid, source-aligned beingness.