For families welcoming new pets over the holidays, 2009 could mean a host of puppy behaviors that come back to "bite" the owners. California dog trainers Steve Bettcher and Patrick Gibbons, known as The Dog Squad, advise pet owners to start off on the right foot with their new puppy training through early intervention. The two have announced a Puppy Preschool, starting January 19, that guides pet parents toward well behaved dogs and a better relationship with their pets.

The Dog Squad's four-week course begins Jan. 19, 2008, at the Redwood Animal Hospital in Castro Valley, Calif., and addresses a number of topics vital to good puppy training: biting, the puppy's place in the "pack," appropriate behavior around people and other dogs and crate training. A dog owner who desires effective and gentle advice on puppy training should enjoy the methodologies employed by the team, explains Bettcher.

"We teach pet owners how to train their puppies and dogs using a humane approach to dog obedience training," says Steve Bettcher, President of The Dog Squad. "This approach teaches the owner how to communicate effectively with their pet, so that their dog understands clearly what they want and expect."

Puppy Preschool participants learn how to set structure and rules that help puppies understand their place in the pack, proper behavior and manners. Pets are given the chance at each class meeting to socialize with other dogs and people, and offered opportunities to become comfortable in a variety of social settings.

"Our dog training programs produces dogs that listen better and respond to their owners even when distracted in real world situations," explains Patrick Gibbons, Director of Training.

Through training and socialization the San Francisco, California dog trainers solve typical difficulties with dog behavior - toy aggression, dog dominance aggression, problems with crate training dogs, and puppy chewing to name a few. The team uses a combination of lecture and hands-on experience to teach owners basic dog commands and other valuable skills, ranging from leash training puppy to how to stop a dog from barking.

The Dog Squad doesn't stop at new puppy training; dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes and temperaments benefit from obedience training throughout the year. For example, for the owner of a Saint Bernard or Great Dane, obedience training is not only essential for a good dog-owning experience, but can solve obvious safety issues.

Pet parents can get advice on new puppy training and adult dog obedience in a series of free articles on The Dog Squad's Web site, as well as read true stories about other pet owners and how their lives have improved through training.

For free training articles and information about the upcoming Puppy Preschool, call 510-582-DOGS or visit The Dog Squad at

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California dog trainers Steve Bettcher and Patrick Gibbons have been helping East Bay Area dog owners train their puppies and dogs for more than a decade. As the Dog Squad, the two have worked with all types of dogs and puppy/dog training issues. More than 35 veterinarians from the Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda and Contra Costa County have recommended the Dog Squad as California's dog trainers of choice.