It's a brave new world of technology, Blog-Buddies. Aura readings and empathic merges will stay the same, but we must adjust to the rest.

So I wonder, how will our expectations -- changed by today's new technologies -- need to adjust? Will it become harder than ever for people to be realistic about Deeper Perception?

Such weighty thoughts, while I'm having a high-tech hangover! Last night a friend took me to see "Journey to the Center of the Earth."/a>

If this isn't the best 3-D movie of all time, you'll have to prove it to me. The experience is like a theme park adventure ride, where you get to tumble through the air with adorable Brendan Fraser.

Seeing all the stars in 3-D, you can identify with them as deeply as you wish. Yet you never break a sweat or wonder if you're going to lose your latest download of Coca Cola.

Such a ride! Worth the price of admission alone, for instance, was the roller coaster ride (thinly disguised as an escape through a crumbling old mine).


For me, the greatest pleasure of the movie was simple. More than ever before, yet differently, it seemed as though I was in the same room with the stunning movie stars.

Sure I followed the plot, which involves the viewer quite fast in basic (movie) issues of survival. Consequently, I never had three spare minutes for aura readings or empathic merges. Nor do I think I will be able to manage it until I've seen the movie another couple of times. The action is just too compelling.

But right from those first few strange minutes, I realized that I was seeing actors as I'd never seen them before: Up close, personal, bodies-in-the-round.

I wonder how many viewers realize just how strange those bodies are. In Japan, I'd been reminded by my encounter with aura reading the famous rock star recounted here.

Man, woman, teenage boy -- we think we know what such people look like. And we know, in theory, the camera adds 10 pounds.

But if you should go see this movie, look closely at the three stars, Brendan, Anita Briem, and Josh Hutcherson. Get a feel for the body mass index.

• You will find no visible fat. In the adults, at least, the presence of trainers lingers. Between genetics and exercise, these bodies look human but nearly aren't, so dense is the muscle, way beyond buff.
• Hair and skin may look human, but think again. The finest chemicals money can buy have been applied by expert hands. Add makeup. Add special effects. (I especially relished the fake sweat, applied as extra layers of makeup, on the face of Ms. Briem while she supposedly withstood temperatures well above 100 degrees.)
• Then mix in the off-the-charts sex appeal of Mr. Fraser, evident even without the slightest empathic merge. All the movie's artifice only enhances his kiss-me qualities. Now here he is, in 3-D, right in the room with you.

When virtual reality comes to theaters near you, can it possibly seem any realer? And reading the auras of virtual people like Brendan, once you can calm down enough to do proper aura readings -- doesn't it seem as if reading those auras ought to be different?

Yet it won't be. You and I will still need to settle down, use a technique, choose one databank at a time. We'll find a combination of gifts and stuff. We can go through the 50 databanks in any major chakra, perhaps sampling the practical categories that you learn to peg in "Read People Deeper."

The knowledge brings truth, deeper insight and fresh accuracy, yet can it compete with the thrill of today's new movies?


If movie technology isn't enough to astonish you, let's talk cameras. At Narita Airport, a typical little snack shop had a display featuring Sony's latest digital cameras. High definition cameras.

A video presentation was part of this display. In front of the tiny TV, I stood transfixed for 15 minutes, watching the promo play over and over in various languages. "These aren't real camera images," warned a disclaimer, in so many words. "These are computer images because you are not really watching a camera right now but a TV screen."


Nevertheless, the presentation showed digital images clearly enough. I realized, I've been seeing some of these in newspapers, magazines, on the Net. Undoubtedly, you have too, but maybe the quality of those images didn't grab you as different. You thought, as I did, they were "just pictures."
Well, look again. The clarity of the new high-def images strikes like lightning.

Here is an example, flowers that look realer than real. Step into the bouquet with your mind and take a good, long stretch.


Just as mind-boggling as the quality of the images, consider the kind of work these new cameras can do for you. At the touch of a button, the camera will snap your photo at the precise moment when everyone is smiling.

If you have a mixed group, adults and children, that could be just when the kids are smiling.

• Or when just the adults are smiling.
• Or when the smiles are pretty fake and minimal, but the photo will consider them smiles and snap them for you.
No wonder, people are wondering just what a "mighty aura reader" can and can't do.

Yesterday, I was reminded of this by a call from a woman, "Hilda," who said she is planning to take one of my upcoming Intensives. But which one should she take, Cut Cords of Attachment in October or Empath Empowerment in September?

"I've emailed my photo to you," she said. "Please take a look and tell me which one I should take. Which would benefit me more?"

And this information is supposed to be in her aura?

"Please," I said back to her. "Read the descriptions of what you will learn in these workshops and decide which one interests you more."

Hilda was, evidently, unimpressed.

And maybe incredulous. In this regard, she is like others who have come to me in Aura Transformation sessions, saying things like this:

* Look at my aura and tell me what is important for me to know.
* Find all my cords of attachment and describe them to me.
* Describe what my aura shows about my purpose in life.
* I've been contacted over the years by many aliens, seen many UFOs. What did they do to my aura?
* I went to my healer and she told me I have a problem at my solar plexus chakra, a brown spot over on the left. Explain to me what that brown spot means.

If you're having a sessionwith me, or you're reading your own aura, please get this straight. An aura isn't a movie, where you can fast forward to the ending. An aura isn't a high-def photo, where an image = "everything" about you.

To make a more realistic analogy, when you do aura readings, it's like playing chess. A more experienced player will have more skill than a newbie. Still, playing regular chess uses different abilities from being a Grand Master.

You can be a very competent chess player without being able to play 12 games simultaneously, memorize every keyboard, remember every play, calculate 10 moves ahead with 10 different possible plays.

And being an aura reader or skilled empath does not mean you have the powers of a Grand Master. Or God.

What is reasonable to expect, reading auras or doing empathic merges, at least in the ways that I teach in books like "Aura Reading Through All Your Senses"/a>and "Empowered by Empathy"?

You can receive precise, powerful insights.

Never will they substitute for common sense. You are responsible for your life and your own choices, whether you're reading an aura, having someone else read it, or having escapist fun via today's new technology.

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