Four weeks of the year are gone - are you on track to get what you want in life? We all tend to make some pretty grand resolutions on December 31, 2007 for the new year, and probably actually followed through on some of them during the first three weeks of 2008. Then what? Are the resolutions no longer important? Did something else take priority? Did the job “get in the way?” OR, did you find that it “just takes too much effort”?

Now, it is the end of January and you’re wondering what went wrong. Writing resolutions is like buying ingredients for making a cake. Once the ingredients (flour, milk, eggs, sugar) are purchased, you have to do something with them. If you leave each ingredient in it’s container by itself, you will never have a cake.

What would happen if you just put the milk in the flour? Would that be a cake? Or if you put the eggs in the sugar, would that be a cake? Of course not, a baker would tell you all of the ingredients must be put together in proportionate amounts to make the cake. So, how does that apply to your resolutions?

Have you ever thought that, even if you make a resolution, sometimes you fall short when you rely only on yourself? Making the resolution is like buying the ingredients and leaving them in their containers. Sometimes it takes a third party, a coach, to help put the ingredients together proportionately to make the plan work.

A good coach will ask you questions to get you thinking about how you want the plan to work and when you want the plan to be completed. A good coach will ask the hard questions to get you to develop your plan of action and then follow through. A good coach will see things from a different perspective and ask you the questions to lead you to self-discovery.

Sometimes when working with a coach, you will discover that the Resolutions you wrote are not really important. A good coach helps you clarify what really matters. And Inez Bracy may just be the coach to help you keep on track with your resolutions so you can live your best life!

What’s holding you back?
What’s keeping you from having the life of your dreams?
Are you ready to start living from your Resolutions?

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Inez’s passion is helping others live their best life. She is masterful coach, engaging keynote speaker, trainer, seminar presenter an NLP practitioner. Using the NLP approach, clients experience unprecedented breakthroughs in record time.

Combining twenty years of experience of working with others, Inez uses a unique and grounded approach in strategic planning, motivation, negotiation and leadership development.

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