Do you ever get really excited about your New Year's resolutions, only to have your enthusiasm quickly turn into apathy or frustration? Or, are you so bummed out by the whole concept of New Year's resolutions that you've given up on them completely? If so, I'd like to offer you six tips for successful resolutions.

TIP #1 - Stay in the present moment. Choose your New Year's resolutions based on what is important to you today. Do not begin the process by thinking about what you did not achieve last year! We can get stuck on old goals and old desires and carry them forward year after year, even after they have lost any viability in our lives. Instead, give yourself the gift of the present moment. What is important to you right now? Your answer--if you will allow yourself to answer from the person you are today--may surprise you. Use the month of January to view your life from a fresh perspective.

TIP #2 - Go with your heart. Of the many resolutions you are considering, which one actually evokes "positive" feelings and emotions in you? Which intention is truly meaningful for you? Which one makes you feel more alive? You have incredible creative power--why not use it joyfully this year? If a resolution does not touch your heart, allow yourself to see why you are making it. Be aware of whatever comes up. You may choose to change your resolution or you may not, but you will be approaching it with greater awareness and clarity.

TIP #3 - Swim downstream. Have you ever made a resolution that sounded very suitable, but you knew right away you had HUGE resistance to it? Perhaps you felt that by achieving your resolution, you would actually lose much more than you would gain. It is important not to set yourself up to fail when you choose your resolutions.(This tip doesn't mean you can't shoot for what you know you really want--sometimes you just need to reconsider your approach. See Tip #4 for more on that topic!)

TIP #4 - Be kind to yourself as you draft your resolutions. What will that kindness look like for you? Will you stop beating yourself up for not having already achieved/received everything that you want? Will you set a realistic resolution that acknowledges that some growth or clearing is still required before you can have all of or exactly what you think you want? When you choose resolutions which feel reasonable to you, you open yourself to seeing that you are supported by the universe, and you are continually inspired by your progress and success.

TIP #5 - Choose joy. Include at least one resolution which is designed to bring more joy into your life. On the surface, this resolution may not seem very important, but if you're like most people, the bottom line is that you just want to be happy. You may have a resolution which specifically talks about how you will bring more joy into your life, or you may make a stand and have only resolutions that do create joy in your life. Either way, choosing joy is a great way to begin this new year.

TIP #6 - Keep your eye on the prize. Once you've set your resolution, keep the finished product in mind. Imagine the end result often, and feel how you will feel when your resolution is complete. Allow the power of your emotions to propel you forward. This approach is far easier and much more effective than having to rely on your willpower, which may wane if you do not quickly see noticeable results.

I wish you much success and joy with your New Year's resolutions!

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Arleen Hannich, MA, is a Spiritual Facilitator. She provides Divine Presence, Inspirational Messages From Spirit, and the Oneness Blessing to clients across the United States who wish to live authentically and joyfully. To receive her Free Ezine "The Divine Connection" and her Free Guide "Feel Your Emotions and Create a Life You Love," visit her website at