New Zealand heralds you to its exciting world of Jet Boating!

The euphoria caused by jet boating along the white water rapids of Canterbury is to be experienced first hand to be believed. Your adrenaline is pumping out of control elevating you to new levels of exhiliration.

The distinguishing feature in a jet boat is that it does not have an external propeller but an internal propeller called impeller.

The water is sucked in through inlets at the bottom of the boat. The impellers then drive the water out with great force through nozzles at the rear of the boat. When the nozzles rotate simultaneously during this process, it enables the boat to change direction.

In the absence of external propellers and the ensuing damage to them, the improved clearance under the boat enables the jet to be reversed instantly for quick braking. This instant response causes the boat to do 360 degree spins effortlessly almost within its own length. You are certain to be drenched with
every such spin.

This squirting out of water at high speeds just below the surface allows jet boats to operate in depths of just centimetres. This leads to a free for all thrill that will wrap you for the rest of your life and give you goosebumps when you recall the exhiliration and the euphoria of the whole jet boating experience.

Once you settle into the boat and buckle up, your adventure starts the minute the accelerator pedal goes down. You are now in the midst of a frenzy of thrills and frills as the boat skips along centimetres of water with the expert driver putting it to the ultimate test of speed and endurance.

You will see blurred rocks flying past your face as the driver deftly avoids crags and boulders and the water sprays into your face. Your only comfort is the handrail you are holding to at this stage.

The best part about jet boating is that is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels and can be enjoyed all year round.

The most exhilirating jet boating rides in the South Island of New Zealand are found at the Kawarau and Shotover rivers near Queenstown. The Buller river near Westport, the Waiatoto river near Haast, the Wilkin river in Mt Aspiring National Park and the Dart river are excellent locations for jet boating.

In the North Island of New Zealand, the top jet boating locations are found at Waikato, Whanganui and Rangitaiki and Motu rivers. The Agrodome in Rotorua has sprint jets and so also at Waitomo. A trip to the Hole in the Rock is a great jetboating ride around the Bay of Islands in Northland.

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Courtesy: Tim Alpe

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