"90% of the positives are lost because you were too shy to ask."

Have you ever wanted something so much but were to afraid to ask? Or have you ever thought of all the negative responses and convinced yourself that a "no" answer was an inevitability so you never bothered to take the first step? Were you at the door but weren't able to turn the key?

Stop right there! Being curious was never a sin (last I checked anyway), but focusing on "coulda, woulda, shoulda's" or ignoring your own needs isn't all that helpful either!

Think of the implications of the quote. 9 of every 10 times you won't get what you wished for, but only because you didn't ask. That means that you'll be less likely to be happy, or sleep more soundly, or enjoy your weekend simply because you didn't ask a friend, a co-worker, a manager, or a subordinate for a little extra effort on their part.

Daily Living

Take a chance! Just by asking someone for something that you desire yields good results. In your day-to-day life, open up, ask, and be curious. Not all questions can be answered, nor can all ideas be brought to life, but by simply speaking up and conveying your thoughts and feelings, you are giving yourself a chance to answer what you may have deemed "unanswerable". If you have a quirky idea that you think is foolish, speak up! If you need a question answered, ask. If you need a little help, get it! Again, if you don't ask, you can't possibly get what you want (or deserve!).

EXAMPLE: Haven't you ever wanted to ask your friend for advice on a serious issue, but never did? Maybe you really needed speak up and let loose how you felt, but didn't? Well, sometimes by speaking up, you end up relieving stress and are able to move on when you otherwise would have continued to boil in your personal pot of hell.

The Business World: Closing the Sale

In terms of selling, we know that there will always be someone out there who will buy your product, service or idea (take the "pet rock" for example). Now we should begin to wonder, why do people make the purchases that they do?

I'd be willing to bet that, more often than not, customers take it to the next level and close the sale simply because they were asked.


Well think about it! Why do you think those employees at your favorite fast food place always ask you "Do you want to super size your meal?" If you don't ask, you can't possibly succeed and you can't make that extra sale to put you over the top.

CHALLENGE: The next time you contact a potential business partner, customer, or client ask them "When would you like to start working with us?" or "Would you like to enjoy a profitable and prosperous relationship with us?" If you receive a negative response, don't fret, ask: "What can I do to help you with your decision?" or "What can I do to bridge the gap? I'll surely do my best to do so." It really has worked wonders for me personally.

In Closing...

You can have the right key in the right hole, but if you don't turn it, you're still locked out of the party. Take that chance, you might end up making that grand entrance you've always dreamed of!

The keys are in your hand. What will you do?

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