What if I told you that you could be more influential and
powerful and all you'll have to remember one simple thing?
To persuade your people, all you have to do is: "Cook their favorite meal before they're hungry..."

You're thinking, "What? Sure buddy, that makes no sense!"
Well hang on, let me explain!

No one said that managing people was easy. Humans take pride in being complicated! If we weren't complicated, we
wouldn't need lawyers or politicians, right? If you can
understand a few human intricacies while avoiding
unnecessary conflict, you'll be on the road to having your
people on your side doing what you want now!

The Trick

Has anyone ever remembered something about you
that entirely caught you off guard? Perhaps it was your
birthday, or a miniscule personal fact that you thought was an inaudible waste of breath. But, not only did they
remember, but they conveyed their interest in you by asking you about it! Didn't that make you feel special?

It's a common experience, and often times an overlooked way to build rapport and we all know how important rapport is when persuading your people. All it takes is a little bit of effort and smart listening.

Buzzwords. Are You Listening?

Listen to the buzzwords (a.k.a keywords)...did they mention their favorite sports team? Their siblings? Their children? If so, remember the context, date and place,
then write the information down before you forget! This information might come handy some day!

EXAMPLE: On Fridays, you may recognize this common
conversation starter in the elevator ride down to the lobby:

"So Charlie, what are you doing this weekend? Anything
special?" If you ask the question, listen to the answer!
Then remember their answer to follow up with them. You'll
be shocked at the results! Then all of a sudden when you
need their help on accomplishing your goals, they'll be
much more likely to help since you've already built a great foundation. If they tell you a specific date, time, or event, remember it, then ask later! Whether it be a
birthday, meeting, sporting event, or any other personal
event. Think of it like a personal event list. It'll keep
you on top of things. The next time you call a friend,
business contact, or acquaintance, pull out your notes
beforehand and refresh your memory. They'll be glowing if
you say happy birthday or inquire about their child's
graduation. You'll be shocked about all of the positive
remarks that will be fumbling out of their mouth!

"Cook Their Favorite Meal Before They're Hungry..."

So back to the basics: It's your job to find out more about your people, your family, and your friends. One day they might indirectly mention how much they love a certain
chocolate bar, or a favorite dish. They don't usually
expect you to remember, but strive to remember and write
down your findings.

A month or two later, make their favorite meal and watch
their jaw drop when you tell them that you remembered. All
of a sudden you've built a strong connection and have yet
another person who'll be willing to help you on your road
to success.

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