It is the time of the year when companies and individuals alike decide to up date their goals, resolutions, or objectives. Many times, these are long term goals which we have desires to achieve but do not break them down into bite size pieces.

Human Resources is a function that gets lost at times in a company and many times rightfully so. That is because the essence of HR does not lie in the cubicle or office walls of one person or department. It is the responsible of each person and especially each leader –either natural or appointed,

It is that human interaction that makes the culture of a place. So, in the spirit of a clean slate, a fresh start and a full work week ahead here are nine things you can do right away to make your year better and kick off a better year every person you are around.

1. “Heads up” when you head into the office. Smile and make eye contact. Say good morning (or whatever is timely) and say the person’s name. If you don’t know the person and she/he is in your company-introduce yourself. If you are headed to an office building elevator and you see the person the next day too-say “I’m so and so-I see we are starting off the year on the same schedule.” Yes, that person will be shocked because we are more absorbed in the status of people who are on line than the voices of those standing right in front of us. The best smile will be when you greet the person the next time (perhaps even the next day) and you use his/her name.

2. Clear the clutter in your office. How can someone feel valued if the papers about him/herself (and with HR all are about people) are in disarray? What does your clutter say about you and your thoughts? Will your professionalism be helped or hindered by the image of your office? Even if you take the papers but them in a box and cover it so your area is not cluttered. Then, take the time to open the box and go through it bit by bit.

3. Have lunch. Two little words but with several levels. First, eat lunch. Skipping the meal to catch up or diet in this new year will only make you tired, and make you susceptible to the cold and flu bugs that people will bring into work from their holiday travels. The lunch break frees up your mind, provides perspective and gives you fuel for the afternoon. Have lunch with others. Join someone who is sitting alone. Get out of your office. Have you eaten your lunch and then wondered where it went? That is because your multi-tasking got in the way of knowing what you were doing. Your weren’t focused then but I will bet you were hungry later.

4. Look put together. Now over the years this has been dress for success, dress for the next position or some fashion look that may or may not have been expensive. I heard once that the clothes you own should only be those which make you feel terrific. You know those clothes. That worn shirt make be a favorite but you know it is not something in which you feel terrific. The same is true for shoes. Those uncomfortable “good” shoes you save for the important occasions are just the shoes you don’t want to wear when you need to feel terrific! Grab a friend and sort your clothes with them. Get an opinion from someone you trust. And do what your parent said, “Stand up straight.”

5. Say please and thank you. Acknowledge the people around you. When someone gives you the report you wanted, thank him or her and use his or her name. If you need to give a report to someone, hand deliver it. Make the connection. Connections make you memorable. When you call someone, ask him or her if it is a good time for him or her to talk. Too many times we just head into a conversation thinking that just because the call was answered gave us that permission. Ask the recipient of the call and you find that he/she is grateful for your thoughtfulness.

6. Return your calls when you say you will. If you tell someone that you will get back to them by the end of the day then do that. It is better to call and say that you are still working on something then not to call. You may get a voicemail; leave a message. You will also leave a mark of delivering on your word.

7. Have a meeting with your counterpart colleague in finance. Ask about their thoughts are on the year and the business. What worries him/her about the year? Listen and ask follow up questions. You will learn so much about the business. At the end then ask if you can come back in a month or so. That respect and validation you gave that person will gain you respect and admiration in return. It is funny how that works.

8. Plan. Look at each month, the quarters and the year. Jot down what happens in each month, once a quarter and annually. Does it make sense? Is the work bunched up in one time just because it always has been that way? What could you suggest or do to make it easier on your department and the business? Planning does not need to be a fancy form or some book on the shelf. It is a living document and the first step is capturing-on paper- what is happening.

9. Get to work 5 or 10 minutes early. Those few moments of peace will have you ready for the day and let those around you know that you are ready for business. Some days that may not be possible. Don’t beat yourself up, just do it when you can show up a bit early.

Your brand becomes the brand of the HR function. The image of showing up for the job with professional image and work environment and as someone who respects other people is a brand you can establish right now. If these items are things you do now-then start. If you do some of these already-check yourself. Do you really? Or have you slacked off a bit? Is your casual Friday a bit too casual? How does that casualness affect your language? Have you noticed that people treat you differently when you are dressed very casual?

These nine little strategies will put you on a course of success. That path includes people, and career and will ultimately improve your financial situation.

And here’s a bonus item: have fun. If you aren’t enjoying the work why are you doing it? What would you rather do?

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A corporate executive turned back into entrepreneur, Kelley Rexroad delivers common sense for those seeking HR knowledge with front porch common sense. She consults and coaches and is a dynamic speaker. She coaches people who want even more success and believes in the people of a company. the Human Resources is the only resource that appreciates. She is particularly proud to be a part of the self growth community as the HR guide. More information? Visit