My profession is one where stereotypes abound and lately I have found myself defending what I do in all sorts of forums. So I am about to shatter the myths I am taking a risk I know because some people are not going to want to get a reading from someone who is not going to throw one line predictions at them. However I feel I have to take a stand for all those Psychics out there like me who have so much faith in ‘you’ we do not give the future but help you create your own.

I am going to use the words I have received back from people to illustrate why knowing yourself and your life situation is how you create the future right now. Why wait around for 5 years for some tossed out words to come true when you can take back your power and create your own life today.

“Thank you for the reading it is basically stuff that has been in my subconscious for a while I’ve been ignoring it! I will use this reading to make some changes set some goals and get back on track with my life”

Here is the first thing that a Psychic operating in your highest good will do, bring to the surface all those thoughts you have been pushing away and avoiding. Yeah I know not as much fun as hearing you will win lotto in 4 years but it will get you listening to your own inner voice today.

“I read the reading and it identified I wasn’t grounded, wasn’t taking responsibility for my actions and wasn’t willing to do anything about it…….I feel something has shifted and I am feeling better in myself”

I could have said to this person you will get a new job by the end of the year but what people forget with predictions is ‘you’ are not changing just an event life. So this person may have gotten a new job I could have come across as the world’s best Psychic but because they had not confronted certain issues this new job may have only lasted 2 months. Oh didn’t I tell you the management takes all credit when predictions come true but give no guarentees of a happy ever after.

“Your affirmations I know will be helpful I can see myself saying them often….I will make a point of doing so as I want to live a complete and rich life.”

Higher Power did not put you on this earth without giving you the things to create the life you want. Sometimes you need someone to give you a spiritual toolbox and a few things to go in it to start you off. That is what we like to call empowering you. Giving you future over to a psychic to predict takes away your power abnd gives it to me. Guess what that’s not my job….my job is to believe in the greatness that is you and to show you what potential there exists within you.

“Your reading provided me with the strength to move forward as the person ‘I am’ rather than the person I think people want me to be. I want to become my true self and know that my life will be happier and more fulfilling with each step I take.”

So here is someone who gets it she is about to ACT. Accept responsibility,commit to change and take the first step. Bravo I am in awe of this woman and her strength.

“Thank you for making me feel more happier and peaceful”

“I relate to it totally and receive it knowing I can use it to make my life better by just a gentle nudge of understanding”

No I don’t ride a broomstick and no I haven’t predicted the future in any reading I have done. Why because the future is created in the present what you do right now will determine tomorrow and the next day. Yeah it might be great to know in 5 years time you will meet Mr Right win lotto and find your dream job. But what are you going to do in the meantime?

And here are a few things to ponder:

If I tell you your boyfriend is coming back to you it might happen and again I can polish my world’s greatest Psychic trophy. But chances are if you haven’t dealth with the ‘real’ problems and issues he is just going to leave again.

If I tell you you will get your dream job 2 years yeah again might come true but I wonder whether you will last because you have been sitting on your butt waiting for it and probably because you ‘knew’ it was going to happen you didn’t bother to keep updating your qualifications.

These are the things I believe in:

You have to know who you are at the core of your being to create a life of depth and authenticity.

The future does not exist why would you wait for it? Creator gave you a beautiful world full of possibilities and you can step into it today.

When you ask someone else to create your future for you in the way of predictions you are giving away your power. When you ask someone to help you see the ways you can create a future you are taking it back.

I do not have any magic powers no crystals balls nothing except the whisper of the Angels in my ear and for some reason Creator made their voices a little bit louder for me. I walk in your life from the moment I say your name this enables me to feel what you feel know what you are avoiding and hiding from and more importantly what you need to address to move forward.

No smoke and mirrors. I have no need to prove myself to you that is not why I come into your life. I am the gentle nudge towards understanding it is my job to believe in you and I do whole heartedly because I know Creator planted a seed of greatness within each and every one of us. You might even say I am his gardener nurturing this seed of greatness so you may grow and blossom into the divine creation of beauty you were born to be.

So please throw out the stereotypes this is a new dawn of understanding and growth. And I hope with all my heart you will step into the future with me

Author's Bio: 

Robin J is Psychic who is using her many years of experience to help people access their inner guru. People always ask how do I make it through this or how do I create change or fulfill my potential. It is simple one step one day at a time.
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