I believe that when someone is speaking about abundance the true key is that ‘No Matter How Much or How Little’ you have right at this moment you should be truly thankful!

When I was first introduced to this concept I have to admit I was definitely on the ‘too little’ side.

These are some of the areas I was having life challenges:
• I was in a job I didn’t like, working for someone else.
• My spouse and I were having financial difficulties.
• We were living in a very tiny two bedroom trailer.
• I was having heart problems, and was recommended to quit my job.

Needless to say, at that point in our lives some things were pretty grim.

I knew in my heart that things needed to change and quickly!

It was at that time while I was surfing the internet trying to find a ‘real internet job’ that the words ‘The Secret’ kept popping up.

I knew that this was happening for a reason, and at that time I had never even heard of the book, the movie or anything.

I started checking it out and at the same time found an online self-development course that I ordered to use at home.

I went to a local bookstore, bought the Secret and started reading it right away.

The self-development course I wanted was over $1500, but I knew that the course combined with the Secret would help me with my heart, financial difficulties and a new way of thinking in my life.

The ‘old’ me would’ve given up! I would have said to myself, “ I don’t even have $100 to spare let alone $1500!” but the ‘new’ and open to ‘Abundance’ me said “I know this course will help me, and a way will be shown!”

I went to bed that night, knowing that a way would be opened up to me!

In the meantime, I was digilently reading the Secret and came to a part where they talked about forgiving others. At this point in my life my ex-husband had owed me thousands of dollars in child support, but I had decided to move forward in my life.

I forgave him for the money he owed me, deciding that having a better relationship with my older children was more important to me than having ‘hopes’ on money I knew I would never receive. After I had made the decision to forgive this debt, I ‘realeased’ all the negative I had towards that person, and my relationship with my children got better and better since they were not being ‘pressured’ by their father anymore.

So after having gone to bed and knowing my answer would come as to how to bring into my life the ‘Abundance’ I knew I needed for my course it did indeed become clear to me!

Since I had forgiven my ex several weeks before for the money he owed me, I realized I had no more need for a ‘lawyer’, and the money I had in retainer fee’s I could now collect. I believe it came to just over $1800 dollars!

As I mentioned above I was in a very challenging time in my life, but after being introduced to “The Secret” and how to live in abundance in four short months our family saw some great changes:

• I quit my job in which I wasn’t very happy anyways, and the VERY same day my spouse who hadn’t had work in over a yr got Offered a job in his line of work, with a PAY increase of over $5,000/yr.

• Our financial difficulties quickly changed and we were able to pay off several bills.

• We were living in a tiny two bedroom trailer, but every day I used Vision techniques and saw us living in Abundance, and within four months we moved onto LakeShore property!!!!

• I was recommended by my Dr.’s to take heart medication, but again, was very thankful and filled myself up with feelings of Abundance and I have not taken one single pill!

Whenever I tell people my story of how I was introduced to Abundant thinking, because most of this happened without a huge increase in our finances, they are amazed.

That was over two years ago and the abundance in our lives has continued to grow!

To me it’s a very simple process:
1) Decide what it is in your life you want! This may be in health, wealth, spiritual or friendship values.
2) Then ‘see’ yourself as already having those wonderful things and being thankful every day for them!
3) Then start to Be that person and act how they would act if you already had that relationship, wealth, or health!

My story above literally took place in a four month period and I’m so very thankful that I am now open and receiving of all the wonderful things in my life.

Jody Maley
Owner and CEO

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