A while back browsing thru blogs, I bumped in to one where the blogger was questioning whether noble emotions still reside in the hearts of men. I had the answer to her question but, did not want to take the time for it. Today, I'm going to share my view on the matter, in hopes that it may serve someone else out there.

Our hearts are like lamps, we can either turn the light off or on. For most of us, our hearts dwell between the darkness and the light. Yet there are some whom walk mostly on either side. So, I definitely believe that nobility exists in us. You experience it when ever you witness:

· A devoted teacher

· Children in their innocence

· Loved ones whom stick with you thru thick and thin

· A mom contemplating her child

· Volunteers who unite for a greater cause

· Just pay attention and you will see!!

Nobility is a double edge sword but, very much necessary in a world full of so much pain. So the question that each and every one of us should ask ourselves is:

Am I Noble?

No, I’m not judging you; I just believe that we have no control over the actions of others. People are who they are, and can only change if they decide to. Therefore, the only way we can assure that nobility survives in the mist of all, is by insuring that the lights to our own hearts are turned on!

Best Wishes,

Kenia Morales

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Kenia Morales is the owner of online publication For Every Aspect of Today's Woman --- www.Kpatra.com