Nonverbal gestures are just as important as spoken words. Why? Because body language has the power to give away a person’s true intentions. Whether you’re the one making them or the person observing, it’s still important to know the meaning behind some of the most common nonverbal gestures. Your success might depend on it.

Below are some examples:

Nonverbal Gestures # 1: Eye-to-Eye

You could know what a person is thinking or feeling through the movement of their eyes. When a person looks pointedly at a specific space and then looks back at you, it usually means that they want you to notice something about that corner.

It also usually means that you shouldn’t exactly let other people know about it. The lack of eye contact also says a lot about a person. Either they’re guilty about something or intimidated by your presence.

Nonverbal Gestures # 2: A Handshake or a High Five

A handshake or a high five denotes you have done something great or worth recognizing. Handshakes were first used to denote peace in a relationship; but times have passed and now, it is commonly used to say, “job well done.”

High fives, on the other hand, are achieved when a person connects their palm to another’s. This gesture has developed considerably over the years. There are also “high tens” and “low fives” to consider now. All three are used to denote success.

Nonverbal Gestures # 3: Bowing Low

Bowing has always been part of the Japanese and Chinese culture. It is used to show respect to elders, teachers, parents and even business associates.

According to oriental culture, the lower you bow your head, the deeper the respect you have for the other person. You don’t have to be of Japanese or Chinese blood to use this form of respect. It’s a nonverbal gesture known to almost everybody in the world.

It’s highly important that you learn to recognize body language movements. Wouldn’t you want another way to show your boss how much you respect them? Or how about learning how to use your eyes and hands correctly? Give the right signals. Learn these nonverbal gestures now.

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