"There is a vast intelligence running this world, and everything is in order; nothing is missing"
~ John Demartini

Recently I had dinner with Dr. John Demartini here on the Sunshine Coast. For the people who don't know John, he is a professional speaker, author, and business consultant whose clients range from Wall Street financiers, financial planners, and corporate executives to health-care professionals, actors, and sports personalities. John began his career as a doctor of chiropractic and went on to explore more than 200 different disciplines in pursuit of what he calls Universal Principles of Life and Health. He featured not too long ago in the talked-about film "The Secret".

One of the concepts Dr. Demartini and I discussed is the principle of "nothing is missing", or -put differently- everything is here. Every situation that triggers a certain emotion, whether good or bad, holds the total opposite emotion as well, if you are willing to look for it.

You have to see it like a coin: you may only see one side, there is definitely a flip side. Neither one is "good" or "bad", but depending on your personal circumstance will you PERCEIVE one to be good, and the other one to be bad. More often than not will you not see the other side, though!


To give you an example: if you are insecure about health there must, by nature, also be a part in you that is totally secure, perhaps about your finances. If there is an area of your life where you are angry, there are other areas in your life where you are totally happy.

Another example: in every event that you consider negative, there is something positive or beneficial as well. The situation IS of benefit somewhere, because where there is one side, there is a flip side!

Of course this is a simplified version of what we discussed, but it holds great truths. The event of my mother dying 12 years ago, for instance, had very negative sides to it. If, on the other hand, I check how my life has evolved after that event, I see a lot of "good stuff" too.


It is all in our perception that we judge events and people "good" or "bad". If we focus on just one side of the coin, it will give us a lopsided perception, and "nature" will balance that one out, one day! Why not do it yourself, and have love and appreciation for the event/situation/person in question. Saying "thanks" to everything and everyone that plays a part in your life (yes, everyone and every thing!) will allow for more events/people to be grateful for, which is absolutely worth while.


Firstly: Find out in your life where you have a lopsided perception regarding a person or event. Anything you feel overly positive or overly negative about will give a good indication.

Secondly: With the "bad stuff", see how it has benefited you. How has it taught you a valuable lesson you still use today? With the good stuff, see what drawbacks there are to what you consider "good". If you don't find them yourself, life is going to show them to you anyway!

Thirdly: realise that there is always balance in what you experience. This is one of the Universal Laws: "everything is", neither good or bad. It just "is".

Lastly: be grateful and appreciative for the lessons taught, and experiences had. The more you can do that consciously, the more you will find that life always flows according to its purpose, even when we think it doesn't. Trust me, I can tell from experience that there is more that I am able to see. Arrogance is thinking that I know it all!

Once you are able to find balance in everything, life becomes very enjoyable. You will lose "infatuation" with anything, and will lose "desperation" with other things. You will come to appreciate that life is the way it is, and that it is up to use to make the best of it for ourselves and those around us. Which is a rewarding journey.

Author's Bio: 

Marc is a certified life/business coach, master NLP Practitioner and Body Stress Release Practitioner on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

He is among Australia's Law of Attraction (LOA) experts, and coaches/mentors internationally with the LOA principles. Marc inspires his clients to find out what has been hindering them all along in achieving what they want, and to then make the conscious choice to take their lives and/or careers to the next level.

Having been a lawyer for nearly 6 years in his “previous life”, before immigrating to Australia from The Netherlands, Marc knows exactly how daunting taking the first step in a new direction can be. On the other hand, he also knows how fulfilling taking that step is, and has the knack of imparting his knowledge and wisdom in a stunningly simple and highly effective way.

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