Understanding the potential hidden within the subconscious mind can be invaluable.

To truly effect worthwhile and long-term change toward achieving what matters most to you, your affirmative thoughts must reach the subconscious mind. It is said that as much as 90 percent of ones behavior and beliefs are the result of what the subconscious mind accepts.

Author Michael J. Gelb, a recognized pioneer of creative thinking, accelerated learning, and innovative leadership, writes: Brain researchers estimate that your unconscious (subconscious) data base outweighs the conscious on an order exceeding ten million to one. This data base is the source of your hidden, natural genius. In other words, a part of you is much smarter than you are. The wise people regularly consult that smarter part.

When you tap into the subconscious mind with your new behavior or change of habit, this very special place will work amazingly well for you. While this process does require commitment and a consistent pattern of repetition of the right thoughts the benefits are enormous. Think of it as a treasured storehouse of knowledge and wisdom which is constantly supporting you and attracting ways to help achieve your desires, even though you are not always aware of it.

It has been shown that if you earnestly practice the exercise of feeding your mind with well-chosen information for at least 20 to 30 consecutive days you will have an excellent chance of impacting the subconscious mind for positive change. This concentrated effort on a given change of thought will reward your discipline and conditioning.

Rather than letting your environment control your life, you will be astonished at how your subconscious mind can energize and support you when you learn to consult it and nurture it with the information that serves you best. As a result, you soon discover a significant change in the way you think, feel and act. For some people this is a subtle process and for others it is blaring quantum leap, but either can reveal successful effects.

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