Obama has a new ad out pushing the "wage gap" myth. As we've discussed many times, men earn more than women on average for many legitimate reasons. These include:

1) Men work longer hours at more demanding and hazardous jobs.

2) Men are more likely to travel, relocate or have long commutes for their jobs.

3) Men are more likely to have more years and more consecutive years of experience, because women are more likely to work part time or take years off of work to care for their children.

Given these factors, it would be very hard for men to not earn considerably more than women. When men and women of matched qualifications are working in matched jobs, women earn as much as men do.

One interesting thing about the ad: while in general Republican candidate John McCain has been just as craven as Obama in pandering to women on the wage gap, this ad claims McCain said women concerned about making less than men need "more education and training."

That's not exactly true, but it suggests that on some level McCain might be willing to publicly acknowledge that there are other factors behind the wage gap than discrimination.

If he does, of course, Obama and the feminists will attack him for "blaming women" for the wage gap. My prediction is that McCain will never say much of anything on this, but I'll be happy to be wrong.


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Glenn Sacks is a men's and fathers' issues newspaper columnist, radio commentator, and blogger. His radio commentaries appear daily on KLAA AM 830 in Los Angeles.