Have you ever wanted someone to be different so that you could feel better? When a boss is impatient, a lover unkind or a salesperson is rude – do you find yourself retreating into a bad mood as a result of their words or attitude or can you navigate those situations and stay happy?

Most of us have grown accustomed to thinking that if someone else changed we’d have an easier life.

Have you ever stopped to notice how much you count on others for how you feel? Do any of these statements sound at all familiar?
• I’d enjoy work if only…
• This relationship would be better if…
• If only my friend would…then I’d…

Would your expectations change if you understood that EVERYONE is doing EVERYTHING for the sole/soul purpose of trying to feel better?

It’s true you know? Some people who are more disconnected from source energy (inner being, collective consciousness, God, Goddess - whatever you’re comfortable with) will try to find their “power” or self worth by making someone else feel unworthy or insignificant, but they are NEVER doing those things because their target actually is unworthy or insignificant. In that moment they are doing it because they believe they are unworthy or insignificant and in their (unaware) attempt at coming into their own power they – yell at the worker who in turn is mean to her spouse who overreacts to the kids who kick the dog who chases the cat…and so on.

So, a question you can ask yourself in that moment is; do I buy into the chain reaction or do I stand in my own power and recognize their stuff as their stuff? Do I consciously choose to pursue my own happiness in spite of their responses?

Oh, it’ll take some practice but other people’s behavior doesn’t actually have the power to alter your life in anyway – unless of course you allow it to.

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Author's Bio: 

Layne Schmidt is a life long learner. She believes that we all have an innate ability to create a life of our own choosing. She has developed some practicl tools to help people get through old (ineffective) behaviors with the desire to help them see more clearly how they are standing in their own way of whatever it is they truly want to experience in this life time.