You can’t teach an old dog new tricks they say. But that’s not actually true. Our brains are way more adaptable than we thought. We can reverse many of the signs of aging as new studies in brain health reveal. Believe it or not, we can actually reverse some of the signs of dementia and Alzheimers. With a few simple tools, we can become more vibrant, more creative and actively prevent these awful diseases.

5.2 million people in the US suffer from dementia or Alzheimers, and it will double every 5 years if we don’t do something about it. It’s already taking it’s toll, not just on the patients, but their caregivers. 80% of caregivers for people affected are non-professional, and of all the caregivers (professional and not) 40% of them will die before the people they are caring for. The stress, the burnout, the burden is immense. And we have a pandemic on the horizon.

Next to cancer, dementia is the number one health fear in the US. Understandably so. Who wants to forget the name of their grandchild? Who wants to lose their cherished memories, their mind, and their dignity taboot?

As we reach middle age, we joke about ‘senior moments’. We lose our glasses. We forget names. We say this is all just part of aging. But it doesn’t need to be. These are the early signs of cognitive decline, but we don’t have to succumb. We can fight back and create new pathways in the brain. It all depends on how much we want it and whether we’re prepared to adjust our lifestyle in a way that promotes brain health.

Dr. Bresky MD, a ‘preventive gerontologist’ has, after decades of research, created a Nine Point Brain Tune Up ® system, that is proven to reverse and prevent the signs of aging. He’s carried out many studies, worked with thousands of people, with astounding results. And none of it involves drugs. It’s not that he’s against drugs, but if you knew that 30 minutes of Mozart had the same effect on blood pressure as 10mg of Vallium, which would you choose? It’s about lifestyle – diet, exercise, left/right brain exercises, sensory stimulation, sleep, creativity, fulfillment, and most important of all - meaning.

And we shouldn’t wait until we’re old. Bresky says that if we don’t tune up our brain by the time we’re 50, senior moments are likely to get more frequent and more severe. Let’s stop that right now! In fact, all of what he teaches is applicable at any age. Prevention is way preferable to reversal. And far more efficient. Imagine children being taught these simple tools. And what about people with brain injuries? The brain responds very well to the right sort of support. As a three pound organ that uses 25% of the body’s blood flow, it’s something worth cherishing.

As a certified trainer in Bresky’s Nine Point Brain Tune Up system, I’m determined to spread the good news, and put these practical tools in front of as many people as possible. Especially those poor, exhausted care givers who need it just as much for themselves as for their loved ones. I’m happy to deliver free presentations in Northern CA and NV, (and we also have trainers in many other states) to introduce these simple concepts, and would love to arrange group workshops to deliver the nine point program in a comprehensive and fun way. Let’s offset this pandemic and live happier, more fulfilling lives, remembering all those special moments that make us who we are.

Contact me if you’d like to set up a free presentation.

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Speaker/Author/Trainer - Rachel is the creator/director of Senssoma LLC - bringing passion and purpose into life and work. She's also a certified trainer for Dr. Bresky's Brain Tune Up program. a certified seminar leader with The American Seminar Leaders Association, and a member of the international Health Care Trainers Association. website: