The benefits of Omega 3 EPA DHA fish oil to our health is the single most important discovery of the last fifty years. The lack of fish in our diets replaced with an over-abundance of Omega 6 plant oils ALA, such as flaxseed oil, soybean, vegetable has created a health epidemic in America. From chronic inflammation to Alzheimers, to ten million prescriptions being written last year for children under the age of 12 with ADD or ADHD, the awareness of damage universally to health in America from the elimination of fish in our diets is shocking.

Food Manufacturers’ Misleading Labeling

What is even more shocking is our food manufacturers distorting and disregarding the harm caused to American health by mislabeling Omega 3 on their products when they’ve added more Omega 6 instead. And the trusting, unsuspecting American who hasn't the time to delve into the confusing research jumps on the Omega 3 bandwagon buying products off the shelf hoping they purchased something good for their health. From Omega 3 eggs to Omega 3 bread, the addition of Omega 3 in their product is plant derived, the culprit. Little did the consumer know they just added more chronic inflammation to their bodies.

Center for Science In The Public Interest (CSPI)

“Research shows that omega-3s found only in fish and some plants are "good" fatty acids, and help prevent heart disease. But the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) says consumers are being hoodwinked when it comes to omega-3 eggs. These egg producers, egged on by their trade association, is brazenly putting omega-3 claims in big print on the front of the labels, knowing that that is a buzzword that will attract people," says Michael Jacobson of the CSPI.

On Thursday the organization called on the FDA to enforce its own regulations and stop the egg industry from using what it calls misleading labels and advertising. "It's like using filtered cigarettes to prevent cancer. It ain't gonna happen. These eggs are loaded with cholesterol, which promotes heart disease," Jacobson claims.

"It's not just economic fraud, which it is, but it is a serious health problem," Jacobson argues”.

The egg industry isn’t the only culprit of economic fraud. It is rampant throughout the food manufacturing industry and we’re falling for it. And the FDA and the USDA, the watch dogs for American health, tightly bound to the food manufacturers allows this to continue. Michael Jacobson calls it economic fraud – my feelings run more to gross injustice, unethical, and the single most damaging mislabeling of foods to American health. And now meats.

The USDA Gives Approval for Omega 3 Labeling On Meats

“Natural and Organic Food Group, Inc. (NOFG) announced today that the company has obtained USDA approval for a full line of Omega 3 DELI products under the PEI PORK brand. First to market, NOFG’S product portfolio include Omega 3 Hot Dogs, Omega 3 sliced and bulk Ham, Omega 3 Kielbasy, Omega 3 Bologna and Omega 3 Bacon all under the PEI PORK brand. In addition to the high Omega 3 content that has a perfect Healthy Balance™ ratio with Omega 6, the Omega 3 DELI line features NO MSG, GLUTEN FREE and NO FILLERS.”

“Our animals are fed a wholesome diet of primarily roasted soybeans and flaxseed which provide a flavorful culinary experience”. NOFG’S PEI PORK Omega 3 DELI products provide enough Omega 3 fatty acids to supply the FDA recommended daily allowance for a North American adult.

Let’s Clear The Stage For The Truth

There are three essential fatty acids we must have in balance – ALA derived from plant oils, and EPA and DHA derived from fish oils. Flax seed oil, soybean oil, other vegetable oils, have so proliferated the American diet, the statistics show the ratios in our bodies are a shocking 20 plant oils to 1 (less than) fish oil. In the high Omega 3 content of this line of food, they have added high amounts of ALA (Omega 6) from flaxseed oil and soybean oil they proudly feed their animals for you to consume.

Medical communities from Harvard to UCLA to the National Institutes of Health, with scores in between, daily publish research and studies showing Omega 6 at the core of the health epidemic in America. Why? An over-abundance of ALA, in simple terms, produces arachidonic acid which begins a vicious cycle of chronic inflammation. And chronic inflammation is at the core of every disease we have.

The argument is given, some plant oils may convert ALA to EPA and DHA but the truth is, without going into a lengthy discussion of long chains, our bodies ability to convert plant derived ALA to anything that is good for our health is nill. This small yet critical detail has confused the American public more than any other single element to the Omega 3 craze. And the shocking proof of that is the continued and daily documented rise in disease in America from an over-abundance of ALA seed oils.

We Are Floating In ALA Plant Oils

Americans are attracted to the buzzword “Omega 3” and rarely question the integrity of our food manufacturers. Nor do they suspect the greatest breakthrough in medicine today is being manipulated to line the coffers of the food industry for they rely on the FDA to alert the public. They’ll read an announcement that the USDA gave full approval for a line of meat products being labeled "Omega 3" and buy them for their doctor said, add Omega 3. But the doctor said, add Omega 3 fish oil.

The distinction between the two is so critical yet the free license of food manufacturers to cash in on the Omega 3 band wagon grows more each day to the detriment of our health. And the FDA, USDA and can’t grasp and agree and instead ignore the medical science that is abundantly clear. They have all become the most ineffectual government agencies of all time yet hold the most power to determine what is good for health in America.

It is of the utmost importance to your health that you understand the difference. Omega 3 (6) derived from plant oils is the culprit - flaxseed oil, soybean oil, vegetable oils (ALA) that without going into lengthy understanding of long chains, is Omega 6. Omega 3 EPA and DHA is derived from fish oil.

Finding A Good Fish Oil Supplement

The only way to bring the balance of oils to a 1:1 ratio as they were intended from evolution is through adding pure Omega 3 EPA DHA fish oil from a reputable manufacturer of fish oils. Not a dealer, reseller or retailer for their oils have been purchased in 50 gallon drums, source and origin of fish unknown, sat in warehouses for six months then shipped to a plant for rendering into capsule form. Those oils lack the right source of fish and purification process needed to effect a change in your health. Those dealers, resellers and retailers of inferior fish oil are as unethical and as guilty of committing economic fraud as are food manufacturers for both take advantage of consumer trust.

If you purchase a fish oil product that says it contains EPA and DHA, moleculary distilled, consume the equivalent of one teaspoon a day or 20 capsules at 500 milligrams each for 30 days and have felt no relief or change in your health, it isn’t going to come. The American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health recommends one gram a day to maintain health, and up to 4 grams and more for challenging health issues. One gram a day is 20 capsules, not four!

Freebies, Two For One’s, Half Price

The shelves of stores and the internet are proliferated with fish oil supplements, half price, two for one, free bottles, and while we all love a good deal, we want good health more for without that, life holds little joy. Molecular distillation is an expensive process requiring skill, trained personnel, exposure and timing of distilling oils critical, special equipment, all of which must begin with the right fatty fish. For a manufacturer of anything at all to stay in business, those costs must be part of the purchase price. And in fish oil supplements, it speaks to the quality you’ll receive. Let common sense guide you in your purchase of fish oil and let the results in your health be the only indicator that matters.

Did your blood pressure come down, cholesterol numbers change, feel the difference in pain? Do you feel mentally brighter and clear headed? All these things and much more will come from pure EPA and DHA. Once you balance the fatty acids of fish oils to plant oils to a 1:1 ratio, your body will respond in ways that will amaze and delight you and your physician. Of all the discoveries in modern science and medicine of the last 50 years, this one holds universal true for all of mankind, from children to aging seniors.

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Lois Smithers has spent years researching Omega 3’s and other sea-based health solutions. A former avid equestrian who suffered competition injuries, she credits Omega 3 with ending painful chronic inflammation from two fractured vertebra. Together with Debra Morgan, they own Sea-Based Health, LLC, whose main focus is the latest Omega 3 research and sea-based solutions for today’s challenging health problems. To sign up for their Omega 3 Health Tips Newsletter, best Omega 3 sources, and latest medical research, visit,